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35mm SLR Cameras: MZ-M
Compact Lightweight Body for Portability and Maneuverability
Despite the incorporation of a film winder, the MZ-M measures just 135mm wide, 90.5mm high and 55mm deep and weighs a mere 305 grams without batteries,* allowing you to enjoy the world of high-quality SLR photography anytime, anywhere.
* In the case of the non-date model.
Multi-Mode Exposure System for Enhanced Creativity
The MZ-M features Programmed AE, Shutter-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Metered Manual, and Bulb modes to handle a variety of subjects and situations and assure greater freedom of creative expression.
• Aperture-Priority AE to control the depth of field: When you select the desired F-stop (aperture) on the lens aperture ring, the MZ-M automatically selects the optimum shutter speed to assure proper exposure. You can choose larger apertures to narrow down the depth of field and throw the background out of focus, or use smaller apertures to increase the in-focus area from foreground to background.
• Shutter-Priority AE to capture a subject on the move: When you select the desired shutter speed, the MZ-M automatically selects the optimum aperture based on the subject's lighting condition. You can take advantage of high shutter speeds to freeze motion, or use slower speeds to stretch the movement across the image field.
• Programmed AE to concentrate on image composition and shutter opportunities: The MZ-M automatically sets a combination of aperture and shutter speed, based on the exposure program, to assure optimum exposure of your subject. Since it frees you from troublesome exposure adjustment, you can concentrate on image composition and shutter opportunity. What's more, the MZ-M allows you to switch to other exposure modes quickly and effortlessly.
• Metered Manual and Bulb for ultimate control over exposure settings: In the Metered Manual mode, you are free to select aperture and shutter-speed settings to produce your intended visual effect. The bar graph in the viewfinder lets you confirm the subject's exposure level at a glance, even for intentionally over — or underexposed pictures. The Bulb mode is provided for extended exposures, and it comes in handy for dramatic night scenes and breathtaking astronomical photography.

Simple, Direct-Access Operation with At-a-Glance Confirmation
Important camera settings, ranging from shutter speed to exposure compensation value and film advance mode, can be adjusted — and visually confirmed — using two large dials and other switches, all of which are conveniently positioned on the top panel.
Other Outstanding Features
• Electronic preview for quick, effortless depth-of-field assessment with pushbutton operation
• 2-segment metering for greater exposure accuracy
• Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen for a clear, bright viewfinder image

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