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Digital Compact Camera: Optio T30

Optio T30
Extra-Large 3.0-Inch, 230,000-Pixel LCD Monitor. Wide-View Design for Easy Image Confirmation from Multiple Angles

The Optio T30 incorporates an extra-large 3.0-inch LCD monitor — the largest in today's digital compact camera market. Its wide-view design assures clear, unobstructed image viewing from 170 degrees both horizontally and vertically, making it effortless to confirm captured images right on the spot with your family or friends.

Innovative Touchpanel Operation. Simplified Mode Selection, with Fun-Packed Drawing Mode

The Optio T30 features simple touchpanel selection of shooting and playback modes. You can also take advantage of the unique Drawing mode, which lets you add letters, drawings and frames to captured images using the stylus pen (included). You can even use the screen as a memo pad to save notes, illustrations and other data.

Digital SR (Shake-Reduction) Mode, with Top Sensitivity of ISO3200

Since the Optio T30 lets you manually shift the sensitivity up to ISO 3200, you can easily take advantage of higher shutter speeds to minimize camera shake and prevent blurred subjects. This is especially useful when you purposely turn off the auto flash for indoor and sunset/nighttime scenes to preserve the prevailing atmosphere, or due to restrictions in places such as museums and galleries.

Face-Recognition AF & AE for Beautiful Faces. Automatic Detection of the Subject's Face to Assure Pinpoint Focus and Proper Exposure

The Optio T30 features the user-friendly Face-Recognition AF & AE function, which automatically detects the position and lighting condition of the subject's face to assure sharp focus and proper exposure, even under unfavorable lighting conditions.

Digital Filters

Easy Image Editing for Artistic Visual Expressions
Easy Image Editing for Artistic Visual Expressions

Equipped with a variety of digital filters, including black & white, sepia, color, soft, illustration and color extraction, the Optio T30 lets you add artistic touches to your images both during and after shooting.

Photo Frames
Framing Your Images to Match the Occasions

The Optio T30 comes with three photo frames to accentuate your images. You can easily replace them by downloading new frames from the PENTAX Web site.

Click this banner to download new photo frames

Mode Palettes
Speedy Selection of Shooting and Playback Modes with Simple Touchpanel Operation
Shooting Mode Palette

The Optio T30 features a user-friendly shooting mode palette to simplify the troublesome process of mode selection. Just touch the icon corresponding to the desired mode on the on-screen palette, and the Optio T30 takes care of the rest for you!

Playback Mode Palette

The Optio T30's playback mode palette provides a set of icons corresponding to the image-processing and image-editing modes available after shooting, including trimming and resizing functions and digital filters. Its touchpanel operation makes the choice of the desired mode or function quick and effortless.

Drawing Mode
Customizing Images for Greater Fun

With the Optio T30, digital images can be much more than just shoot and print. In the fun-packed Drawing mode, you can use the stylus pen (included) to scribble messages, draw pictures and put stamps on captured images.

Sliding Lens System
Space-Efficient Lens Storage Mechanism to Assure Slender, Compact Design
Sliding Lens System. Space-Efficient Lens Storage Mechanism to Assure Slender, Compact Design

The Optio T30 features the PENTAX-developed Sliding Lens System, which stores the zoom lens in two vertical steps. This epoch-making system reduces the overall camera size and enhances portability without adverse effects on optical performance or image quality.

World-Time and Calendar Display
Assuring On-the-Road Convenience around the Globe
World-Time Clock to Display Standard Time in 28 Time Zones
World-Time Clock to Display Standard Time in 28 Time Zones

The Optio T30's built-in clock is a handy tool on overseas trips, since it provides real-time display of standard time in 75 cities in 28 time zones around the world.

For Printing
PictBridge Compatibility for Direct Printing Convenience

PictBridgeWhen connected to a PictBridge-compatible printer via the included USB cable, the Optio T30 offers convenient direct printing, eliminating the need to transfer image data to your PC. This direct-printing convenience is available with any PictBridge-compatible printer, regardless of make or model.

Optio A20Compatibility with Exif Print, PRINT Image Matching and DPOF

The Optio T30 is compatible with Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching III to produce beautiful printouts faithful to the camera data. It is also compatible with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) to control the number of prints and date imprint information.

For TV Monitor Viewing and Image Copying
AV Output Terminal for Easy TV Monitor Viewing

AV Output Terminal for Easy TV Monitor Viewing When connected to a TV monitor via the included AV cable, the Optio T30 lets you play back recorded images and movies with sound on a larger screen for fun viewing with family and friends.

Copying Memorable Images and Movies to DVD and Videotape

When you want to make copies of recorded images or movies for friends or relatives, simply connect the Optio T30 to a DVD recorder or video deck via the included AV cable. Once you store the images on a DVD or videotape, they can be played back on a larger TV or projector screen, whenever friends or relatives want to recall special memories.

For Image Editing
Image Transfer to PC via USB Cable

Image Transfer to PC via USB CableUsing the included USB cable, you can easily transfer images captured by the Optio T30 to your PC, for use on a Web site or in a photo album.

ACDSee for PENTAX (Windows and Mac versions) for Image Viewing and Filing

ACDSeeThe Optio T30 comes with the ACDSee for PENTAX software (available on the accompanying CD-ROM) for the viewing and filing of recorded images on a PC. The Windows version offers a host of image editing functions, including brightness and color controls and special effects, for the production of refined, original images.

ACD Showtime! for PENTAX (Windows version) for Movie Editing

ACD Showtime!By installing the ACD Showtime! for PENTAX movie editing software (available on the accompanying CD-ROM) on your PC, you can edit recorded movies at will, including deleting unwanted segments and incorporating several movie clips into a single movie.

Convenient All-in-One Package

•Rechargeable lithium-ion battery •Battery charger •AC plug cord •AV cable •USB cable •Strap •Stylus pen

Software (CD-ROM)

•ACDSee for PENTAX image viewing, editing and filing software for Windows
•ACD Showtime! for PENTAX movie editing software for Windows
•ACDSee for PENTAX image viewing and filing software for Macintosh
•QuickTime 7 for Windows

USB connection requirements:

•PCs running Windows Me, 2000 or XP.
•Macintosh computers running OS 9.2 or X (Ver. 10.1.2 or later).


•The operating system must be pre-installed and updated to the latest version.
•The computer must be equipped with USB terminals.
•QuickTime 6 is required to play back movie clips on PCs running Windows Me/NT operating systems. The accompanying QuickTime 7 cannot be installed on PCs running these operating systems.

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