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S series

Exceptional vision quality meets high-end expectations.
Large objective lenses incorporated in the design allow for contrast-rich, bright viewing under all light conditions.

Products name SD 9x42 WP

SD 9x42 WP
SD 8x42 WP

SD 8x42 WP
SD 10x42 WP

SD 10x42 WP
Magnification 9x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 42mm 42mm 42mm
Angle of View 6.1° 7.5° 6.0°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 107m 131m 105m
Exit Pupil 4.7mm 5.3mm 4.2mm
Eye Relief 18mm 21mm 18mm
Relative Brightness 22.1 27.6 17.6
Closest focusing distance 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m
Height 147mm 148mm 143mm
Width 128mm 134mm 134mm
Thickness 59mm 52mm 52mm
Weight 665g 640g 615g
Products name SP 8x40 WP

SP 8x40 WP
SP 10x50 WP

SP 10x50 WP
SP 12x50 WP

SP 12x50 WP
Magnification 8x 10x 12x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 40mm 50mm 50mm
Angle of View 6.3° 5.0° 4.2°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 110m 87m 73m
Exit Pupil 5.0mm 5.0mm 4.2mm
Eye Relief 20mm 20mm 20mm
Relative Brightness 25.0 25.0 17.4
Closest focusing distance 3.5m 5.5m 5.5m
Height 136mm 178mm 178mm
Width 178mm 183mm 183mm
Thickness 76mm 79mm 79mm
Weight 900g 1060g 1080g
Products name SP 20x60 WP

SP 20x60 WP
SP 8x40

SP 8x40
SP 10x50

SP 10x50
Magnification 20x 8x 10x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 60mm 40mm 50mm
Angle of View 2.2° 8.2° 6.5°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 38m 143m 114m
Exit Pupil 3.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm
Eye Relief 21mm 13mm 13mm
Relative Brightness 9.0 25.0 25.0
Closest focusing distance 8m 6m 9m
Height 224mm 131mm 166mm
Width 195mm 187mm 198mm
Thickness 85mm 56mm 57mm
Weight 1400g 770g 900g
Products name SP 12x50

SP 12x50
SP 16x50

SP 16x50
Magnification 12x 16x
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 50mm 50mm
Angle of View 5.6° 3.5°
Field if View (at 1,000m) 98m 61m
Exit Pupil 4.2mm 3.1mm
Eye Relief 11mm 13mm
Relative Brightness 17.4 9.8
Closest focusing distance 9m 10.3m
Height 160mm 166mm
Width 198mm 198mm
Thickness 57mm 57mm
Weight 870g 900g


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