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Lens data for PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2 (Windows / Macintosh)

Thank you for using a PENTAX Digital SLR camera istD series.
PENTAX wishes to announce the release of lens data for PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2.
When you set up this lens data, the following type of the lens will be displayed with PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2.
30th November, 2006
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 70mmF2.4 Limited
27th July, 2006
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited
10th March, 2006
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 50-200mmF4-5.6ED
  • SMC PENTAX-DA 12-24mmF4ED AL(IF)
  • SMC PENTAX-DA FISH-EYE 10-17mmF3.5-4.5ED(IF)
It is necessary to install the PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2 (Ver.2.00 or later) beforehand to set data correctly.
How to check the Version:
Open the PENTAX PHOTO Browser ----- Click Help menu --- Click version information ---- Check the version
* If the version is before 2.00, click Here and update the PENTAX PHOTO Browser
Name Lens data for PENTAX PHOTO Browser2 (Windows / Macintosh)
Registered Windows : PULNUD03.exe (122 Kbyte)
Mac OS9: PULNUD03.sit (506 Kbyte)
Mac OSX PULNUD03 pkg.hqx (16.6 Kbyte)
System requirement
OS: Windows Me/2000 Windows XP Home Edition/Professional
Mac OS9.0 or later, Mac OSX 10.1.3 or later
CPU: Windows: Pentium III or later
Mac: PowerPC G3 or more
Memory: Windows / Mac: 256MB or more
Free Disk space: Windows / Mac: 70MB or more
Applied software PENTAX PHOTO Browser2.0 or later
Release date 2006/11/30
Caution: Only PENTAX Digital SLR camera istD series users are permitted to download the firmware update

  1. Please download and save the file into appropriate folder on your Hard disk
    [PULNUD03.exe ] ---- Windows, [PULNUD03.pkg ] ---- Mac OSX, [PULNUD03.sit ] ---- Mac OS9
    * For Mac version: StuffIt Expander is required to extract the file, For download the StuffIt Expander, please visit the URL below.
  2. Double click the downloaded file
  3. The Installer will start, following to the installation display
  4. Confirm that type of lens is correctly displayed with updated PENTAX PHOTO Browser.

Windows For Mac OS9 For Mac OS X

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