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FAQs - All models


I found that I misplaced the installation CD. Where can I obtain the software program for my camera?

Manuals and software programs for most Ricoh digital cameras are avaialble on our download page.


I changed a computer and found that there is no serial port on the computer, but an USB port. How can I connect the camera ?

First, check supported PC interface of your camera model. Specifications are available on your manual or Product information page.
If your camera model only supports serial interface, and if you are using a memory card, we suggest you to transfer images to a computer via a media card reader.

I've upgraded my operating system and found that the software bundled with a camera does not work in the new system.

Please visit the software downloads to search if software that compatible with your system is available.
Also check to see the compatibility between your camera and the operating system from the following site.

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