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VM-1 software (for Macintosh)

Details of the software

Last Updated December 2, 2011
File Name VM-1V101.dmg
File Type Disk Image file (.dmg)
Version of the VM-1 1.0.1
Size 132 KB
Copyright 2009-2011 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Compatible Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.7 (only for 32 bit)
Compatible Cameras CX6 / CX5 / CX4 / CX3 / GXR / CX2 / CX1
About this software The following software is installed in your system. Which enables you to view a MP file and export JPEG pictures from the MP file in a Macintosh computer.
    • VM-1
The MP files are used for the feature(s) as follows.
CX6, CX5 : M-Cont. Plus, Speed Cont., Multi-Target AF, Golf Swing Continous mode (SCENE)
CX4 / CX3 / CX2 / CX1 : M-Cont. Plus, Speed Cont., Multi-Target AF
GXR : M-Cont Plus

[Note] In order to download a picture in the camera to a computer, no special software from Ricoh is required. Please look this tip for the details.
Installation procedure

[Before downloads] Be sure to download the software to a computer in the supported Mac OS X system (Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.7). Please never download the software using a computer in other systems such as the Mac OS 9, Mac OS X 10.3 or less, or the Windows.

[Before installation] It may be required to restart your computer after the installation is completed. Please save a file to quit other software before installation.

[For installation] A disc image file, "VM-1xx.dmg" will be downloaded in your system. Double click the file, the "VM-1 Installer.pkg" icon will appear in a folder. Then double click the "VM-1 Installer.pkg" to install the software.

  • * In some browser applications, the "VM-1xx" volume may be mounted and the "VM-1 Installer.pkg" icon may appear automatically.
Note on the installation
  • If the previous version (1.0) had been installed already:
    • The installer will run to overwrite to 1.0.1. You do not have to uninstall the previous version by yourself.
  • If there is no VM-1 software in your Macintosh and this is the first time to install:
    • The 1.0.1 version will be newly installed. You do not have to install the previous version separately.

Updating history

Released Version Details
2011/12/02 1.0.1 Added the CX6 into compatible models of the software.
2011/11/18 1.0.1 Added the infomration on the Mac OS X 10.7.
2011/02/10 1.0.1 Added the CX5 into compatible models of the software.
2010/09/03 1.0.1 Added the CX4 into compatible models of the software.
2010/02/19 1.0.1 Added the CX3 into compatible models of the software.
2009/12/18 1.0.1 Added the GXR into compatible models of the software.
2009/11/06 1.0.1 Mac OS X 10.6 compatible (Only for the 32 bit. The 64 bit is not supported.)
2009/09/11 1.0.1 Added the CX2 into compatible models of the software.
2009/04/23 1.0.1 Corrected a part of the information on a file when the VM-1 software exports a JPEG file(s) from an MP file.
2009/03/19 1.0 The first release of the VM-1 software.


The following files provides the details about this software.
To open these files, you may need Adobe Reader.
Language Downloads Type / Size
English Instructions Download PDF / 168 KB
Français Instructions Download PDF / 162 KB
Deutsch Instructions Download PDF / 167 KB
Italiano Instructions Download PDF / 159 KB
Japanese Instructions Download PDF / 242 KB
Korean Instructions Download PDF / 152 KB
Español Instructions Download PDF / 161 KB
Chinese (Simplified) Instructions Download PDF / 195 KB
Chinese (Traditional) Instructions Download PDF / 210 KB

Software downloads

[VM-1 software for Macintosh] (For Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.7) Download

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