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Caplio GX100 firmware

Details of the firmware update

Update 30-October, 2008
Model & Version RICOH Caplio GX100 / Version 1.51
Copyright owner RICOH Company, Ltd.
Copy Restrictions All rights reserved.
Update Procedure Please be sure to read instructions before updating the firmware.
How to check the current firmware version of your camera, and update the firmware procedure

Download file details for Windows
File Name gx100-151.exe
Package Self-expanding executable file
File size 1.29 MB
operating systems
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me / 98SE
Download file details for Macintosh
File Name gx100-151.zip, gx100-151.hqx
Package Zip format, BinHex 4 (hqx) format
File size 1.19MB / 1.64 MB
operating systems
[Zip] For Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
[hqx] For Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X and you have the StuffIt Expander in your system

Revision history

Date Version Details
2008.10.30 1.51 1. Modified the following phenomenon.
After switching from the Auto mode to a My setting mode, and then you get back the Auto mode again, the zoom position of the lens will always become at wide end.
2008.07.04 1.50 1. Supports the TC-1 (the optional tele-conversion lens). The detailed information is available in a PDF document.
  Requires the HA-2 (the hood & adapter) in order to attach the TC-1
  Use the lens in the tele-end position to use the TC-1. If you use the other lens positions, the vignetting will appear.
  If you use the internal flash with attached the TC-1, the vignetting will appear.
2008.03.06 1.18 1. Modified the following phenomenon.
With the
M mode (manual exposure mode) , even if you press the Fn button (to set closer to the appropriate exposure automatically), it will not set closer to the appropriate exposure with the following conditions;
  Fn button assignment : AE lock
  ISO sensitivity setting : AUTO-HI
  Shutter speed to be an appropriate exposure : 1/30 or slower
2. Improved the flash control in a dark place.
3. Make a change to a JPEG file that created with a RAW format file to add black borders to the top and bottom of the JPEG image, in case that you set the
[RAW/JPEG setting] to [N640] , and the [Pic Quality/Size] setting to [RAW 3:2] at the same time.
2007.08.02 1.16 1. Adjusted the exposure in bright-light shooting with a flash.
2. Modified the following display phenomena.
  If you playback a picture (3:2 or 1:1) enlarged, the location window in the right corner of the LCD may be out of alignment.
  If you assign FOCUS in the Fn button, and set to enable the STEP ZOOM, and if you switch a focus setting to the MF from the other focus settings with the Fn button, it may remain a number of zoom display on the zoom bar in the left of the LCD.
2007.05.29 1.14 1. Improved accuracy of the AF algorithm.
2. Modified the following display phenomena.
  If you switch between AF and MF with the Fn (Function) button, a part of the grid guide may disappear.
  If you turn a camera power with set to the [LANDSCAPE] in the SCENE mode, the message, 'Settings have been changed' will appear.
  If you use AAA type batteries in the Multi AF mode, even if you focus on the subject, a focus frame size will not change.
3. After you register the Spot AF in the MySettings, if you turn the Mode dial to change a setting, a focusing mode may change from the Spot AF to the Multi AF.
4. Found some errors in the shooting information in a DNG file, such as a value of the exposure compensation. Modified to record a DNG file correctly.
5. Modified the phenomenon that the skew correction feature may not work properly.
6. Revise a level of the image compensation in a long exposure.
2007.05.11 1.13 1. Modified the following phenomena.
  In RAW mode shooting, if a shutter speed is slower than 15 sec., a camera may fail to record an image properly.
  If you turn the camera power with the lens cap is attached to the lens, and then if you press the playback button, you will not operate a camera at all.
  After you change a mode, the step zoom setting may become OFF.
2. Improved stability the lens control at normal AF.
2007.05.02 1.12 Modified the following phenomena.
  If you register the Aperture priority mode (A mode) in the [My setting 2] , a shutter speed will be fixed.
  With your setting the [SEQUENTIAL NO.] is ON, after a file number reached to "9999", the "File Number Over" message will appear and you will not able to take a picture any more.
[Note] You can see the current file number in the LCD ( page 23 of the Camera User Guide), for the details of the [SEQUENTIAL NO.] is available in page 159 of the Camera User Guide.


The following files provides the details about the camera setting with the TC-1, with the firmware updates, version 1.50 (or greater).
To open these files, you need Adobe Reader.

Language Downloads Type / Size
Docs Download
PDF / 144 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 145 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 150 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 140 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 206 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 123 KB
Docs Download
PDF / 142 KB
Chinese (Simplified)
Docs Download
PDF / 160 KB
Chinese (Traditional)
Docs Download
PDF / 161 KB

Firmware Downloads

The most recent version of this firmware includes all previous updates.

  Firmware Download (for Windows) For Windows
  Firmware Download in Zip format (for MacOS X 10.3 or greater) For Mac(.zip)
  Firmware Download in hqx format (for MacOS X, MacOS 9) For Mac(.hqx)

If clicking the download button will not work, right-click (Win) or click and hold (Mac) on the download button to choose "Save Link As."

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