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Caplio GX100

Caplio GX100

TIPA Awards 2007

Caplio GX100 wins Best Prestige Camera in Europe 2007 at TIPA Awards 2007


Product Overview

Caplio GX100

Caplio GX100
Caplio GX100 VF KIT
(GX100 VF KIT is included in "The VF-1 LCD viewfinder")

SDHC PictBridge ExifPrint PRINT Image Matching DNG USB
24mm wide-angle optical 3x zoom effective 10.01 mega-pixel CCD Vibration Correction Function 1cm macro High- sensitivity ISO 1600 Wide-view-angle 2.5 inch LCD
340 shot

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  • *Lens focal lengths described in this web site are values converted into those for a 35 mm camera equivalent.
  • *Colors of products and photographs may differ slightly from actual colors due to website restraints.

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