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K-mount Lenses

Discontinued : Telephoto Lenses Discontinued Lens list for Digital single-lens reflex camera

smc PENTAX-DA 18-250mmF3.5-6.3ED AL[IF]

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Super high magnification 14x zoom lens covering the range from wide angle to super telephoto

Enables shooting from wide angle of 27.5mm to super telephoto of 383mm in 35mm film format
Revolutionary lens without the need for lens changes for shooting every possible type of scene
Compact, lightweight design with length of 85.5mm and weight of only 455g
Uses ED glass and aspherical lenses for providing superior delineation performance

Features / Specifications

14x zoom equivalent to 27.5mm to 383mm
This single versatile zoom lens can cover the range from wide-angle shooting needed for indoor photography and snapshots to super telephoto shooting of sports action and wildlife.
High-performance optical system using ED glass and aspherical lenses
The optical system uses ED (extra-low dispersion) glass and aspherical lenses to correct the various types of aberration for producing crystal-clear sharp images and for contributing to a compact design of the entire lens body. Inner focus system that keeps the same lens length while focusing
DA lens specifically for digital SLR cameras
The lens coating, curvature, arrangement, and other factors in the design were optimized for digital image characteristics to enable minimizing of ghosting and flare. Developed specifically for digital SLR cameras, this lens has an image circle that matches the 23.5mm × 15.7mm imaging element and was designed without an aperture ring.
Minimum shooting distance of 0.45m over the entire zoom range
This lens is capable of a maximum shooting magnification of 0.28X for closeup photography. This enables capturing of small flowers and other objects with visual impact.
Zoom lock mechanism for convenient portability
This lens includes a lock mechanism for locking the zoom ring at the wide angle end where lens length is shortest. This prevents unintentional changing of the lens length while carrying around.

*This lens does not use the Quick-Shift Focus System.
*The DA lens is specifically for digital SLR cameras. It cannot be used with 35mm film SLR cameras.

Type Telephoto Zoom
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format) 18-250mm(27.5-383mm)
Maximum aperture F3.5-6.3
Minimum aperture F22-45
Angle of View 76°-6.5°
Lens construction 16 elements / 13 groups
No. of diaphragm blades 7
Closest focusing distance 0.45m
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.28x
Filter size 62mm
Diameter x length 75 x 85.5 mm
Weight 455g

Compatible Converters

A1.4X-S A2X-S

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