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Digital SLR Camera: *istDS2
*ist DS2
Features Specification Design Accessories Sample Images FAQ
Bright Pentaprism Viewfinder with 0.95X Magnification and 95% Field of View
Based on PENTAX’s universal design concept, the *istDS2 is designed to offer optimum image viewing comfort, maneuverability and user-friendly operation to every user.
Large, Bright Viewfinder for Easy Image Composition and Swift Focusing
Large, Bright Viewfinder for Easy Image Composition and Swift FocusingViewfinder performance is very important in determining image composition and improving the response to split-second shutter opportunities. The *istDS2 incorporates a PENTAX-developed optical-glass pentaprism designed exclusively for *istD-series digital SLRs. Combined with the high-performance Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen, it produces a clear, high-contrast image of your subject and provides a vivid distinction between in-focus and out-of-focus areas. Whatever the focal length or lens in use, this viewfinder assures a bright, beautiful view of the subject for exceptional results.
The *istDS2s high-performance viewfinder lets you detect minute focusing errors more easily. The *istDS2s high-performance viewfinder lets you detect minute focusing errors more easily.
The *istDS2’s high-performance viewfinder lets you detect minute focusing errors more easily.
High Image Magnification Assured by Long Optical Path
Compared with a mirror-type finder, a pentaprism-type finder has a longer optical path — the path along which the image formed on the finder screen is led to the viewfinder. The *istDS2 incorporates a pentaprism exclusively designed by PENTAX for its digital SLR cameras to achieve an outstanding magnification of 0.95 times (with a 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity) — a magnification that cannot be achieved with mirror-type finders. In addition, this optical-glass pentaprism produces natural, true-to-life colors and a clear, bright view of the subject, thanks to the application of such advanced technologies as a silver-deposition treatment on reflecting surfaces and a high light-transmission coating on transmission surfaces.

Optical-glass pentaprism Optical-glass pentaprism
Optical-glass pentaprism
Comparison of Viewfinder Magnification
*istDS2 0.95X viewfinder
*istDS2 0.95X viewfinder
Conventional 0.8X viewfinder
Conventional 0.8X viewfinder
At-a-Glance Data Confirmation in the Viewfinder
At-a-Glance Data Confirmation in the ViewfinderBright LEDs set below the viewfinder image field provide vital photographic data at a glance, including exposure settings, focusing status and flash mode. Using the 11 AF sensor points positioned across the image field, the *istDS2 projects the in-focus point on the image field clearly and without delay. This multi-data viewfinder display system allows you to obtain specific information instantly and effortlessly, without taking your eye from the viewfinder.
Universal Design for Comfortable, Effortless Operation
The PENTAX universal design concept assures comfortable, effortless operation for everyone. In the *istDS2, the size, stroke and position of all control buttons are optimized for speedy, error-free operations.
Large, Ergonomic Grip for Enhanced Holding Comfort
Despite its compact dimensions, the *istDS2 features a large grip made of a non-slip rubber material to assure a firm, comfortable hold when carrying and shooting. To improve its operability and maneuverability, maximum attention is paid to every detail of the camera body, including the groove along the front left edge that serves as a finger hook when operating control buttons on the back panel.
Large, Accessible Control Buttons
Including the shutter release button and the depth-of-field preview lever, all control buttons and switches are large in size and have the range of motion needed to make clear response to the user’s command. In particular, the three control buttons aligned vertically along the left side of the back panel have protrusions for effortless identification with just the touch of a fingertip.
Super-Compact, Ultra-Lightweight Design in the PENTAX Tradition
Whether film or digital cameras, PENTAX has always emphasized optimum portability and functionality in its cameras. The *istDS2 is no exception. Weighing just 505 grams (body only) despite incorporating the optical-glass pentaprism, its super-compact, ultra-lightweight design assures active, fatigue-free shooting, even during extended photo sessions.
High-Rigidity Stainless Frame for Downsizing and Weight Reduction
The body frame is made of high-strength cold-rolled stainless steel with a thickness of one to 1.2 millimeters. Coupled with the solid block structure, this frame generates outstanding rigidity, especially against torsion. This original construction also improves space efficiency within the body for more efficient layout of parts and components, contributing to a considerable reduction in the camera’s overall size and weight.
Universal Design for Comfortable, Effortless Operation
Extra-Large 2.5-Inch Color LCD Monitor with 210,000 Pixels
Thanks to its large 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with 210,000 pixels, the *istDS2 not only offers a beautiful, high-resolution image of your subject during shooting and playback, but also displays the menus and instructions clearly and vividly.
Effortless On-the-Spot Confirmation of Recorded Images
One of the greatest benefits of digital cameras is on-the-spot confirmation of captured images. The *istDS2’s extra-large 2.5-inch monitor lets you review the composition and focus of images closely and effortlessly from corner to corner.
Comparison of LCD Monitor Size (during playback)
*istDS2s 2.5-inch monitor Conventional 1.8-inch
*istDS2’s 2.5-inch monitor Conventional 1.8-inch
Easy-to-Read On-Screen Display during Shooting
During shooting, the *istDS2’s LCD monitor not only displays the selected shooting mode and menu settings with large letters and icons, but also provides easy-to-understand visual guidance to Picture Modes and other functions. As a result, even first-time users can fully enjoy digital SLR photography from the start.
Four-Way Controller for Speedy Selection of Frequently Used Functions
The drive mode, ISO sensitivity, flash mode and white balance can be instantly recalled with a single push of the Function (Fn) button, and can be easily shifted to the desired setting via the four-way controller.
Menu Screen with Large Letters and Icons
At-a-Glance Visual Guidance
Main menu screen
Main menu screen
Auto Picture Program guidance screen Function (Fn) screen in shooting mode White balance set-up screen
Auto Picture Program guidance screen Function (Fn) screen in shooting mode White balance set-up screen
A Range of Playback Functions, Including Zoom Display
In addition to the convenience of 12X zoom display for closer examination of focusing status and the subject’s expression, the *istDS2’s LCD monitor features a histogram display, which graphically indciates exposure levels of the captured image as a reference for retakes and post-shooting processing. No matter which playback function you choose, this extra-large monitor offers large, beautiful images without the help of an external monitor.

Slide Show
Captured images are played back successively on the large screen.
Histogram (Exposure Level Display)
The image’s exposure levels can be confirmed at a glance. Overexposure and underexposure warnings are also available.
Brightness Control
The monitor’s brightness level can be adjusted for optimum viewing comfort.
Nine-Image Display
Nine different thumbnails are displayed together on the large screen.
Image Rotation
Captured images can be rotated 90° or 180°.
210,000-pixel high-resolution image
210,000-pixel high-resolution image
12X zoom display
12X zoom display

Any portion of the image can be magnified up to 12 times for closer inspection.
Large LCD Panel for Constant Data Display
The *istDS2 also features a large LCD panel on its top panel for easy, quick confirmation of the camera’s operational status. Its large letters and icons further facilitate data reading.
Large LCD Panel for Constant Data Display
Sophisticated Features to Maximize the Fun and Creativity of Digital SLR Photography
The *istDS2 offers a host of advanced and user-friendly features designed to simplify advanced digital SLR photography. By taking full advantage of these features, you can capture high-quality images with minimal effort.
1/4000-Second High-Speed Shutter to Freeze the Action
1/4000-Second High-Speed Shutter to Freeze the ActionThe *istDS2 incorporates a reliable, high-precision shutter unit. Its wide shutter-speed range from 1/4000 second to 30 seconds not only freezes the split-second action of an active subject, but also offers a broader combination of exposure settings for different visual effects. You are guaranteed greater freedom of creativity and photographic expression.
Automatic ISO Sensitivity Shifting to 3200 to Minimize Camera Shake
Automatic ISO Sensitivity Shifting to 3200 to Minimize Camera Shake
In the auto mode, the sensitivity is automatically shifted to the appropriate level in the dark to minimize camera shake.
In the auto mode, the *istDS2 automatically shifts ISO sensitivity to the next level (up to ISO3200) when it detects lighting conditions beyond the initial setting (between ISO200 and ISO800). In the manual mode, the standard output sensitivity (ISO sensitivity) is fixed at one of five levels — standard output sensitivity 200, 400, 800, 1600, or 3200 — allowing you to preserve dramatic scenes without the use of a flash, or at a high shutter speed.
High-Precision 11-Point Wide-Area AF with Superimposed AF Sensor Point Indicator
High-Precision 11-Point Wide-Area AF with Superimposed AF Sensor Point IndicatorThe *istDS2 comes equipped with the advanced AF system, which covers a large part of the image field with 11 AF sensors. Nine of these sensors form a large square in the middle to accurately detect the subject, whether it’s positioned vertically or horizontally. Even when the subject is positioned off center, it is always captured in precise focus, giving you greater freedom of image composition and picture framing. With this AF system, you can also manually select one of the 11 AF sensor points to match the positioning of your subject. The selected point is clearly illuminated by a red LED in the viewfinder when the subject is captured in focus.

High-Precision 11-Point Wide-Area AF with Superimposed AF Sensor Point Indicator
Responsive 16-Segment Multi-Pattern Metering to Meet a Variety of Lighting Conditions
Responsive 16-Segment Multi-Pattern Metering to Meet a Variety of Lighting ConditionsThanks to its sophisticated 16-segment multi-pattern metering system, the *istDS2 can respond efficiently and reliably to complicated lighting conditions, including subjects with extreme highlights and shadows, and those positioned against harsh backlight. Since this system takes a range of photographic data into consideration in determining the optimum exposure level, you can expect beautiful, well-balanced images in most photographic situations. For specific applications, you can also switch to conventional center-weighted metering or pinpoint spot metering.

Responsive 16-Segment Multi-Pattern Metering to Meet a Variety of Lighting Conditions
Consecutive Shooting at 2.8 Frames per Second
In addition to single-frame advance, the *istDS2 offers consecutive advance of up to eight frames at a speed of 2.8 frames per second (when the noise reduction function is inactivated). This allows you to capture an active subject or unexpected shutter opportunity in a series of images and select the best image afterwards.
Consecutive Shooting at 2.8 Frames per Second
Built-In Auto Pop-Up Flash
Built-In Auto Pop-Up FlashBuilt into the *istDS2’s pentaprism housing, the functional P-TTL auto flash pops up automatically under poor lighting conditions, while its pre-emission function improves autofocusing accuracy. It also offers other user-friendly functions, including red-eye reduction* and discharge level control. In combination with a dedicated accessory flash unit (such as the AF360FGZ), it offers a broader range of specialized flash applications.
* This feature does not eliminate red eyes in all instances.
Highly Accessible Exposure Compensation and AE Lock
Highly Accessible Exposure Compensation and AE LockThe large control buttons that activate the exposure compensation and AE lock functions are ideally positioned for easy, quick access during shooting. The selected exposure compensation value and AE lock status are clearly indicated in the viewfinder as a constant reminder to the photographer.
Mirror-Lock Self-Timer and Remote Control for Special Applications
In addition to the conventional 12-second-delay mode, the built-in self-timer features a two-second-delay mode, which locks the mirror at the top position to minimize camera shake at shutter release in close-up and super-telephoto applications. The *istDS2 also comes equipped with a remote control function in combination with an optional remote controller.
Electronic Preview for Depth-of-Field ConfirmationElectronic Preview for Depth-of-Field Confirmation
Electronic Preview for Depth-of-Field ConfirmationThe electronic depth-of-field preview function allows you to instantly check the in-focus area for the selected aperture. The preview lever is conveniently positioned around the shutter release button to eliminate any delay after depth-of-field confirmation.
Auto Bracketing for Three Different Exposures of the Same Subject
The auto bracketing function allows you to record the subject at three different exposure levels and select the best image afterwards, eliminating the need for mid-shooting exposure adjustment. This function lets you enjoy one of the greatest benefits of digital SLR cameras: Take pictures first, then preserve only the best images and delete unwanted ones later!
+-0EV -1/2EV +1/2EV
±0EV -1/2EV +1/2EV
User-Selectable Picture Modes to Meet Specific Subjects
The *istDS2 offers you seven distinctive Picture Modes (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, Night scene portrait, and Standard flash-off), so you are always ready for specific subjects or situations.

Landscape mode Landscape mode
Expands the in-focus area and emphasizes edges and saturation for sharp, crisp images.

Macro mode Macro mode
Takes well-defined close-ups of flowers and insects from a short distance.

Standard mode Standard mode
Handles ordinary subjects and casual snapshots.

Night scene portrait mode Night scene portrait mode
Takes perfectly exposed flash portraits at dusk or against nightscapes.

Portrait mode Portrait mode
Produces beautiful portraits with natural skin tones.

Standard flash-off mode Standard flash-off mode
Turns the built-in flash off for ambient light shooting.

Action mode Action mode
Captures a fast-moving subject in focus in sports and action photography.
User-Selectable Picture Modes to Meet Specific Subjects
User-Selectable Picture Modes to Meet Specific Subjects
Action mode Action mode
Auto Picture Mode for Automatic Shooting Mode Selection Auto Picture Mode for Automatic Shooting Mode Selection
The *istDS2’s Auto Picture Mode instantly and automatically selects the most appropriate shooting mode from five distinctive modes — Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Action. All you have to do to take beautiful images is point your camera at the subject and press the shutter release button.

Automatic Convenience for Professional Results
In the Auto Picture and Picture Modes, *istDS2 offers automatic control of photographic functions including white balance, saturation, sharpness and contrast, in addition to autofocus and auto-exposure convenience. This assures the best possible results not only in ordinary situations, but also in more specialized applications. It’s another great benefit of digital SLR photography.
Multi-Mode Exposure System for Greater Visual Creativity
In addition to the fully automatic Auto Picture Mode and user-friendly Picture Modes, the *istDS2 offers three conventional exposure modes to satisfy the creative demands of advanced photographers: Aperture-Priority AE to manually select the desired aperture to control the depth of field; Shutter-Priority AE to freeze or stretch the action; and Metered Manual to create extraordinary, eye-catching visual effects.

Aperture-Priority AE mode Shutter-Priority AE mode
Aperture-Priority AE mode Shutter-Priority AE mode
Multi-Mode Exposure System for Greater Visual Creativity
A Variety of Creative Options to Produce Top-Quality Digital Images
The *istDS2 incorporates a host of advanced technologies to optimize the quality of your digital images.
Large 6.1-Megapixel CCD for Exceptional Image Quality
The quality of a digital image depends not only on the number of pixels, but also on the size of the CCD image sensor incorporated in the camera. The *istDS2 features a large sensor measuring 23.5mm by 15.7mm CCD. Because each pixel is larger than its smaller counterparts, this sensor can detect even the slightest amount of light reaching its edges to produce high-quality, true-to-life images rich in gradation and saturation. It also depicts out-of-focus areas in the image captured by a large-aperture lens or super-telephoto lens more beautifully and faithfully.
Upgraded Imaging Engine for High-Precision Image Reproduction
PENTAX has fine-tuned the *istDS2’s imaging engine for more faithful reproduction of recorded images. Since it offers higher noise-reduction performance in extended exposures than conventional engines, it helps you produce beautiful, high-quality images of sunsets and nightscapes.
Large 6.1-Megapixel CCD for Exceptional Image Quality
Choice of Finishing Touch
By switching the image engine’s processing mode, the *istDS2 offers you a choice of the final image appearance between true-to-life “Natural” and more lively “Bright.” Just like selecting a different type of film in conventional film photography, this lets you create the atmosphere that best matches your subject or photographic intention.
Bright Natural
Highlights lively, vivid colors of blue skies and green leaves.
Faithfully reproduces subtle tints and hues for a natural appearance.
Three-Mode White Balance Control
White balance control is designed to reproduce white subjects as truly white as possible in the image, regardless of the light source. In addition to auto white balance control, the *istDS2 offers you a choice of the preset mode for eight different light sources, and the manual mode for more minute adjustment.
White balance: Auto White balance: Preset for tungsten light
White balance: Auto White balance: Preset for tungsten light
Five-Level Control of Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation
You can adjust the sharpness, contrast and saturation at five levels for more minute control over different subjects or diverse photographic conditions.
Built-In Digital Filters for Eye-Catching Visual Effects
The *istDS2 offers four digital filters to create eye-catching visual effects on recorded images. The soft filter, in particular, produces a beautiful soft-focus effect equivalent in quality to a high-performance soft-focus lens.

Soft Applies a soft-focus effect to the surrounding areas, while retaining a crisply defined subject in the middle. The degree of the soft-focus effect can be shifted in three levels.
Black-and-white Converts a full-color image to monochrome.
Sepia Creates a nostalgic atmosphere.
Slim Changes the vertical or horizontal proportions of the image to make the subject appear slimmer or fatter.
Soft filter: Medium effect
Soft filter: Medium effect
Black-and-white filter Sepia filter Slim filter
Black-and-white filter Sepia filter Slim filter
A Choice of JPEG or RAW Recording Formats
The *istDS2 provides a choice of recording formats between data-compressed, size-reduced JPEG and uncompressed, versatile RAW to meet your requirements for post-shooting data processing and filing.
SD Memory Card for Reliable Data Storage
SD Memory Card for Reliable Data StorageThe *istDS2 accepts compact, reliable SD memory cards as storage media. It even assures proper operations with large-capacity SD memory cards exceeding 1GB.
A Variety of User-Friendly Options for Viewing, Printing, Filing and Editing
On-the-Spot Image Preview
On-the-Spot Image PreviewThe *istDS2’s large 2.5-inch, 210,000-pixel color LCD monitor lets you review recorded images right on the spot. Its large screen size is ideal for close examination of focusing status and the subject’s expression.
Image Playback on TV
Image Playback on TVFor a friendly gathering with your family and friends, just connect the *istDS2 to a TV monitor using the included AV cable. You can control a variety of playback functions from the camera, including single-image playback, slide show, nine-image display, 12X zooming, and image rotation.
Direct Printing without PC
Direct Printing without PCWith a PictBridge-compatible printer, you can print recorded images without requiring a computer. Simply connect the *istDS2 to the printer, and input the desired print commands on the camera.

Image Transfer to PC
Image Transfer to PCThanks to the *istDS2’s USB2.0 HIGH SPEED compatibility, a large volume of recorded images can be transferred swiftly to a computer. The accompanying PENTAX PHOTO Browser™ 2.1 software lets you effortlessly perform various post-shooting operations, including image transfer, filing and processing.

Image Browser Software

PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2.1
This versatile software performs various post-shooting operations, including the transfer of recorded images to a computer, and the filing, browsing, editing, simple correction and printing of transferred images on the computer.

  • Reinforced browser functions
  • Flexible pane layout
  • Two new printing functions: Index printing and Photo printing
  • Addition of a slide show function (compatible with dual-screen systems)
  • Addition of simple image correction and image rotation functions
  • Addition of a check box (or docketing) function
  • Addition of a sorting function
PENTAX PHOTO Browser 2.1
RAW Data and Image Processing Software

PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 2.1
This functional software not only processes and files images recorded as RAW data, but also offers user-friendly operations with reinforced preview functions, including preview screen zooming.

  • High-speed processing of RAW data
  • Flexible layout of control panels
  • Reinforced preview functions: (1) Choice of four image sizes (S, M, L and full size); (2) Addition of a partial magnification window (at 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and 400% magnifications); Restoration of details in overexposed and underexposed areas
  • Reinforced color temperature set-up function
  • Choice of five compression rates for JPEG files
PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 2.1
Choice of Color Space
Choice of Color SpaceThe *istDS2 offers two different color spaces (the international-standard sRGB and the industry-standard AdobeRGB) to accommodate the required data output specifications.
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