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Digital SLR Camera: *istD
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Beautiful, High-Resolution Digital Images Assured
A Large-Format CCD
with 6.1 Effective Megapixels

The *istD incorporates a large-sized CCD image sensor (23.5mm x 15.7mm) with an impressive 6.1 effective megapixels. As a result, each pixel receives a greater amount of light — that is, information — than smaller counterparts to produce sharp, high-definition images rich in gradation and contrast with minimal noise. Coupled with high-speed image-processing circuitry, it lets you respond quickly and flawlessly to a wide range of shutter opportunities without sacrificing image quality.

The *istD also features a noise reduction function to minimize annoying noise during extended exposures and a low-pass filter to eliminate the interference caused by high-frequency signals.

All combined, the *istD lets you enjoy high-quality digital images with utmost clarity and sharpness.
a large-sized CCD
High-Resolution Digital Images Assured

PENTAX Quality in Every Detail
A Selection of smc PENTAX Lenses
to Optimize Visual Expression

One critical factor that determines image quality in SLR photography — both in digital and film formats — is the lens. That's why PENTAX offers a wide array of high-performance smc PENTAX interchangeable lenses — including top-grade FA lenses — to optimize creativity and accommodate a range of applications.

The *istD is designed to be compatible with most of PENTAX's 35mm-format SLR interchangeable lenses.* The FA series, in particular, makes a perfect partner because of its extensive lineup from wide-angle to super-telephoto, as well as its ability to accept the camera's high-precision autofocus mechanism without modifications or limitations.

* In principle, the *istD is compatible with FA J-series lenses and lenses featuring the "A" (automatic diaphragm control) position. Lenses without the "A" position can be used with certain limitations by changing custom function settings.

To Interchangeable Lens List
New-Generation DA Series for Exclusive Use with Digital SLRs
Designed to be extremely compact and lightweight, the new smc PENTAX-DA series elevates the *istD's portability and operability to a new level. The first model, the smc PENTAX-DA 16mm-45mm F4 ED AL (equivalent to 24.5mm-69mm in the 35mm format**), is now available on the market.
** When mounted on the *istD, the focal length of a lens must be multiplied by approximately 1.5 times to determine the focal length equivalent in the 35mm format.

Peerless in Performance and Operability
High-Accuracy 0.95X Viewfinder
with Newly Designed Pentaprism

Viewfinder performance is very important in determining image composition and improving the response to shutter opportunities.

pentaprismüThe *istD incorporates a newly designed, high-performance glass pentaprism exactly proportioned to match the size of its CCD, instead of adopting a conventional pentaprism used in 35mm-format SLRs.

ViewfinderOffering a bright, high-contrast image with an impressive 95% field of view at 0.95X magnification, its viewfinder assures outstanding accuracy and versatility in composition and picture framing, almost comparable to 35mm-format SLRs.
High-Precision 11-Point Wide-Area AF
with Superimposed AF Sensor Point Indicator

The *istD features the sophisticated SAFOX VIII autofocus system, which covers a large part of the image field with 11 AF sensors aligned in the shape of a cross. Even when the subject is positioned off center, the system assures a sharp, crisp focus with exceptional speed and accuracy, allowing you to react swiftly and effortlessly to a wide variety of subjects and situations.

This advanced system also allows you to manually select any one of 11 AF sensor points to match the particular positioning of your subject. The selected sensor point is illuminated with a red LED in the viewfinder when the subject is captured in focus.
High-Precision 11-Point Wide-Area AF
Reliable 16-Segment Multi-Pattern
Metering to Solve Difficult Lighting

Thanks to its sophisticated 16-segment multi-pattern metering system, the *istD lets you handle complicated lighting conditions with great ease — whether the subject is positioned against backlight or in the shade, or the image is in strong contrast.

Since the *istD's exposure system takes even the subject's distance reading into consideration in determining the optimum exposure level, you can expect well-balanced, beautifully exposed images frame after frame.

The *istD also offers a choice of conventional center-weighted metering and pinpoint spot metering to make you better equipped for specialized applications.
Reliable 16-Segment Multi-Pattern
User-Friendly Hyper Program to Couple Automatic Convenience
of Programmed Exposure with Creative Manual Control

With the *istD's innovative Hyper Program mode, you can enjoy the best of both worlds — the convenience of automatic exposure control and the creativity of manual operation — with very little effort. It allows you to start taking pictures with the versatile Programmed AE mode, then shift instantly to Shutter-Priority AE or Aperture-Priority AE mode simply by turning the Tv dial in the front or the Av dial on the back to create a specific visual effect. You can always switch back to the initial Programmed AE mode with a single press of the green button.
Responsive Hyper Manual to Harmonize Instant Setting
of Optimal Exposure with Creative Freedom of Manual Operation

The moment you press the green button, the *istD's Hyper Manual mode selects the optimal exposure settings for your subject. You're then free to adjust the exposure level using the Tv and Av dials. When the intended exposure is obtained, press the AE lock button to memorize it. This lets you to change the combination of aperture and shutter-speed settings while the exposure is fixed at the memorized level.
Convenient Auto Bracketing to Maximize a Benefit of Digital Photography

A properly exposed image may not always turn out to be your favorite, but digital photography gives you the advantage of recording and erasing images at will. The *istD's auto-bracketing function maximizes this outstanding benefit over conventional film cameras by capturing the subject at three different exposure levels and allowing you to choose the best image on the spot. No more worries about running out of film and letting your once-in-a-lifetime shutter opportunity disappear right in front of you!
Multi-Function Operation for Added Creativity and Convenience

In addition to single-frame advance, the *istD also offers the high-speed consecutive advance mode that lets you record up to six images in succession at a speed of approximately 2.6 frames per second (with the noise reduction function off). It also features such user-friendly functions as multiple exposure, self-timer (with a two- or 12-second delay) and remote shutter release (with an optional remote controller).
Electronic Preview to Confirm the Depth-of-Field

You can easily check the depth-of-field (or in-focus area) in the selected exposure mode before shooting. The preview lever is positioned around the shutter release button for easy access.
Versatile Flash Photography with Built-In and External Flashes

Built into the *istD's pentaprism housing, the high-performance P-TTL auto flash assures accurate exposure on your subject in the dark or at night with its pre-discharge capability. Its red-eye reduction function helps you capture beautiful flash portraits without annoying red eyes.*** When used in combination with the AF360FGZ dedicated auto flash unit, it also offers such advanced functions as contrast-control flash, wireless remote flash, trailing-shutter-curtain sync flash and high-speed sync flash to enhance creativity and convenience.

*** This feature does not eliminate red eyes in all instances.
Super-Rigid Stainless-Steel Chassis
with Space-Efficient Body Design

The *istD's chassis is constructed of cold-rolled stainless-steel plates with a thickness of one to 1.2 mm. After thermal treated to increase hardness, these plates are assembled and fixed firmly in place, assuring exceptional unit strength and rigidity without increasing overall weight.

Along with PENTAX's advanced 3D CAD system, this chassis plays an important role in reducing the camera's overall size and weight, as it allows the internal parts to be positioned extremely efficiently with little waste space between them.
Super-Rigid Stainless-Steel Chassis
Multi-Source Power Supply with AA Battery Compatibility
In addition to two CR-V3 lithium batteries (included), the *istD can be powered by four AA-sized batteries or an optional AC adapter. AA-sized Ni-MH batteries can be recharged for repeated use, while AA-sized alkaline batteries can be easily obtained almost anywhere around the world.
D-BG1Optional Battery Grip for Extended Photo Sessions and Vertical-Position Shooting
Powered by four AA-sized batteries, the optional D-BG1 battery grip can be mounted to the *istD to considerably extend the overall battery life, letting you capture a greater number of images without battery changes.D-BG1 Its gun-grip design assures a firm, comfortable hold of the camera at any position — not only horizontally, but also vertically — because it is equipped with a separate set of shutter release button, Tv and Av dials, preview lever and AE lock button to facilitate vertical-position shooting.

Versatile and Functional for Advanced Digital Photography
A Choice of Auto, Preset and Manual Settings for White Balance Control

In addition to the convenient automatic white balance control, the *istD allows you to preset white balance for eight different types of lighting conditions. You can also set color temperature manually to optimize image quality for a particular subject.
Independent Three-Step Control over Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation

The *istD gives you the ability to alter sharpness, contrast and saturation independently in three steps, letting you customize the image by increasing contrast, emphasizing highlights and shadows, or by intensifying color density.
Histogram Display for At-a-Glance Exposure Assessment

The brightness distribution of a recorded image can be displayed on the LCD monitor for quick, graphic assessment of the subject's exposure levels. This feature is helpful not only during shooting, but also at playback and editing stages.
22 Custom Functions to Personalize Camera Operation

The *istD lets you preprogram 22 different functions, including program line and exposure setting steps, to meet your preferences. Advanced digital photography is more fun and flawless than ever before with your personalized *istD!

Utmost Quality and Convenience in Image Viewing and Editing
Informative LCD monitor with a Bright, Clear Subject Image

The *istD's 1.8-inch TFT LCD monitor with approximately 118,000 pixels delivers an extra-sharp, high-contrast image to make focusing and picture-framing much easier. Its image display options include single-frame, nine-frame, 12X zoom, slide show, and image rotation.
Effortless Data Transfer and Image Viewing on PC Screen

Images captured by the *istD can be easily transferred to a PC using the included USB cable and monitored on a computer screen using the PENTAX PHOTO Browser software, which is included on the accompanying CD-ROM.
Easy Processing of RAW Data with Fine-Tuning Options

Using the PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory included on the accompanying CD-ROM, you can process RAW data effortlessly into a specific image format with the desired image size. You can also fine-tune the image's white balance, color tone, contrast, saturation and sharpness using this exclusive software.
AccessoriesStandard Accessories
• O-ST10 Camera Strap
• I-USB2 USB Cable
• I-VC2 AV Cable
• S-SW10 Software (CD-ROM)
• Two CR-V3 lithium batteries
• ME Viewfinder Cap

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