Now we hope you feel the distinct camera we truly believe in.
The timeless PENTAX 645 lens inherits tradition and tried-and-true quality.

The PENTAX 645 lenses, the compilation of optical technologies.

PENTAX 645 lens mount The gateway to a rich variety of lenses

D FA The PENTAX 645Z features the optimal lens for a digital camera.

  • This medium telephoto lens is equipped with a built-in image stabilization mechanism suitable to portrait. HD PENTAX-D FA645 MACRO 90mmF2.8ED AW SR
  • This is an ultra wide-angle lens with the widest angle on a 645 lens for a wider field of photography. smc PENTAX-D FA645 25mm F4AL[IF] SDM AW
  • This is a new standard lens, optimized for the 645Z, using the latest optical system. smc PENTAX-D FA645 55mm F2.8AL[IF] SDM

FA The lens series that continues to be loved by photographers

  • Wide-angle zoom lens with excellent mobility. smc PENTAX-FA645 33-55mm F4.5AL
  • This is a wide-angle lens with an easy-to-use focal length that is perfect for capturing wide-open scenery and buildings in their entirety. smc PENTAX-FA645 35mmF3.5AL[IF]
  • A wide-angle lens with natural vision depiction that can be used for hand-held snapshots. smc PENTAX-FA645 45mmF2.8
  • An easy-to-use zoom lens centered on standard shooting ranges. smc PENTAX-FA645 45-85mmF4.5
  • This lens covers from standard lens angles to portraits at mid-telephoto focal areas. smc PENTAX-FA645 55-110mmF5.6
  • This lens weighs a mere 215 g, and is only 37.5 mm long, making it possible to take along all the time so you never miss a photo opportunity. smc PENTAX-FA645 75mmF2.8
  • This mid-telephoto 2x zoom lens lets you frame scenery exactly the way you want. smc PENTAX-FA645 80-160mmF4.5
  • With a minimum shooting distance of 39.5 cm, this macro lens lets you shoot images at actual size. smc PENTAX-FA645 MACRO 120mmF4
  • With a fast F2.8, this lens can arrange the background with beautiful blurring effects for a three-dimensional feel. smc PENTAX-FA645 150mmF2.8[IF]
  • This telephoto lens features just the right compression of perspective and soft blurring effects. smc PENTAX-FA645 200mmF4[IF]
  • A telephoto lens that provides sophisticated depictive performance without any compromises. smc PENTAX-FA★645 300mmF4ED[IF]
  • This 2x zoom covers a wide telephoto range. smc PENTAX-FA645 150-300mm F5.6ED[IF]
  • This lens features sharp resolution and minimal color bleeding. smc PENTAX-FA645 400mmF5.6ED[IF]
PENTAX 645 lenses Specifications