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Press Release

January 22, 2013

Second GR DIGITAL IV firmware update released

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the release of the second function-expansion firmware update for the GR DIGITAL IV, high-resolution digital camera launched in October 2011, on January 22th.

The firmware update incorporates ideas taken from the many opinions and requests made by customers; these were gathered through a survey taken when users registered their cameras. The update adds new functions and increases the number of settings that can be adjusted on their treasured GR DIGITAL IV cameras. As the result, it improves the camera’s overall performance and ease of use, while providing users with all the benefits of the latest functions.

The firmware, as well as the operation manual detailing its functions, can be downloaded free of charge from the PENTAX RICOH IMAGING Web site.

Enhanced functions
  1. Adds Auto setting to Dynamic Range Compensation function

    In addition to the existing Weak, Medium and Strong settings, the camera now provides an Auto setting that automatically adjusts the level of dynamic range compensation for a given subject.
  2. Improves Noise Reduction function at high ISO

    Thanks to a new algorithm, the camera’s Noise Reduction function can reduce chromatic noise more effectively during high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 2500 or higher, when the noise reduction level is set at MAX.
  3. Add New Playback Zoom function to center a subject captured with Target Selection function

    In the Playback Zoom mode, a subject captured with the AE/AF Target Selection function is automatically centered in the magnified on-screen image, even when it is positioned off-center in the original image.
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