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Press Release

September 11, 2012

Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses
An exclusive accessory for the PENTAX Q series,
for the capture of dramatic super-telephoto images using K-mount lenses

Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of the Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses – a lens mount adapter that makes it possible to use PENTAX K-mount lenses on the PENTAX Q series.

Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses [ ⇒ Product Image]
Major Features
  1. Extra-powerful super-telephoto shooting

    By using this new mount adapter to attach a K-mount lens onto the PENTAX Q series, the focal length of the lens is extended by approximately 5.5 times in the 35mm format. This means, for instance, that the smc PENTAX-DA* 300mm F4 ED[IF] SDM telephoto lens can be used as a 1650mm super-telephoto lens (in the 35mm format) for effortless photography of celestial bodies and distant scenery using a very compact, light digital imaging system.
  2. A full range of K-mount lenses to open up whole new photographic possibilities

    Thanks to this mount adapter, a total of 215 lenses* can be used on the PENTAX Q series,** ranging from fish-eye lenses and uni-focal wide-angle lenses to telephoto zoom lenses. So the photographer can take advantage of a wide variety of perspectives and visual effects with quick, effortless lens changes. It is even possible to capture a microscopic world otherwise difficult to observe closely with the naked eye.

    * As of August 31, 2012
    ** Only manual focusing is available with K-mount lenses.

  3. Built-in mechanical shutter

    A mechanical shutter has been incorporated in this adapter to prevent “rolling shutter distortion” — a problem that results in distorted images of the subject, due to the camera shake caused by photographing fast-moving subjects and/or by using a super-telephoto lens.
  4. Other features

    1. Manual aperture control possible
    2. Tripod bracket (optional) available to stabilize the camera system
    3. Camera shake is automatically compensated for any lens, simply by inputting the focal length of the mounted lens to the PENTAX Q series.
Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses Specifications
Size Φ68mm×37mm
Weight 145g
Included Shutter speed 1/1000~30sec
Shutter 5 leaves shutter

* The camera’s firmware must be updated to the latest version in order to properly use this product in case PENTAX Q.
* Design and Specifications is subject to change without notice.

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