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Press Release

March 3, 2009

The smc PENTAX-DA15mmF4ED AL Limited
An Interchangeable Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens
for PENTAX Digital SLR Cameras

smc PENTAX-DA15mmF4ED AL Limited

HOYA CORPORATION PENTAX Products is pleased to announce the launch of the smc PENTAX-DA15mmF4ED AL Limited lens, designed for exclusive use with its digital SLR cameras. The latest model of PENTAX’s acclaimed Limited Lens series, this new lens inherits all the attributes of this renowned series, including high-quality image reproduction and high-grade lens-barrel finish, while providing users with a unique ultra-wide-angle perspective.

♦ smc PENTAX-DA15mmF4ED AL Limited [ ⇒ Product Image]
Major Features
  1. Ultra-wide-angle perspective

    When mounted on a PENTAX digital SLR camera body, this new lens offers a 23mm angle of view in the 35mm format, letting the photographer capture unique, eye-catching images with visual effects unique to ultra-wide-angle lenses, such as enhanced perspective and an emphasized depth of field. It can be effectively used to capture eye-catching images of such subjects as sweeping landscapes, magnificent architecture and confined interiors.
  2. Limited Lens-series quality for distinctive visual description and a premium appearance

    The PENTAX Limited Lens series is designed for the ultimate in image reproduction, combining a series of mechanical and numerical evaluations with human assessment of test-shooting samples. True to this tradition, this new lens not only assures excellent image quality, but also produces sharp, clear images with outstanding contrast, even at the maximum aperture. This is because its optical design has been optimized for digital photography. In addition, its lens barrel, hood and cap are all made of a high-grade aluminum material and shaped for perfect proportions and striking beauty.
  3. High-performance optics

    This lens incorporates a hybrid aspherical (AL) lens and an extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass optical element to assure high-quality image reproduction with minimal aberrations, including lateral chromatic aberration. Compared to other ultra-wide-angle lenses, its image distortion is also compensated to a minimal level.
  4. Compact, lightweight design

    Thanks to its newly developed optics, this lens is designed extremely compact and lightweight despite its ultra-wide-angle perspective. Since it has no dome-shaped protrusion at the front end, the photographer can mount commercial 49mm-diameter filters, including circular polarizing filters popular in landscape photography.
  5. Other features

    1. Flower-shaped lens hood, with extendible design for easy carrying
    2. Minimum focusing distance of 18 centimeters (or 0.59 feet) for close-up photography
    3. PENTAX-developed Quick-Shift Focus System for instant switching to manual-focus operation after the subject is captured in focus by the AF system
    4. PENTAX-original Super Protect (SP) coating applied to the front surface of the lens, making it easy to wipe off fingerprints, cosmetics and other stains
Focal Length 15mm (Equivalent to 23mm in 35mm format)
Aperture F4
Minimum Aperture F22
Lens Construction 8 elements in 6 groups
Angle of View 86° (wiith PENTAX D-SLR camera body)
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.18m (0.59 ft.)
Maximum Magnification 0.15X
Filter Diameter 49mm
Diaphragm Control Fully Automatic
Number of Diaphragm Blades 7
Lens aperture ring None
Tripod adapter None
Lens Hood Built-in Flower-Shaped Lens Hood
Lens Cap Screw-in Lens Cap
Lens Case Lens Case DA-70
Maximum Diameter & Minimum Length 63mm x 39.5mm (2.5 inch x 1.58 inch)
Weight 212g / 7.47 oz.
Remarks * Quick-Shift Focus System
* SP (Super Protect) Coating
  • PENTAX, and smc PENTAX are trademarks of HOYA CORPORATION.
  • Design and Specifications is subject to change without notice.
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