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O-FC1Products Information

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the FLU CARD FOR PENTAX 16GB O-FC1.

Basic Specifications and Functions

What is the specifications of 0-FC1?

The following is the major specifications
Storage Capacity16GB
SD standardsSD Memory Card Physical Layer Version 4.10
SD Speed ClassClass 10
Wireless StandardIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Transmission MethodDSSS(IEEE 802.11b)
OFDM (IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11n)
Range (Line of sight)Approx. 7.5m
※Differs depending on the chassis designs of cameras and communication devices.
※Measured under our measurement conditions.
Communication speed54Mbps
※The speed given is the maximum theoretical value calculated based on the standards and is not an actual measured transmission speed.
Wireless Frequency2.4GHz band (Channels:1~11ch)
Connection MethodCard access point mode
Power ConsumedApprox. 1.7W(max)
Operating Temperature Range0~40℃
SizeApprox.32mm(L) X 24mm(W) X 2.1mm(H)
AntennaBuilt-in type
BuzzerBuilt-in type
Which camera is corresponding to O-FC1?

Shoot photos remotely connected by wireless LAN and communication device such as smartphones and tablets is currently only K-3.
What kind of function can be used with non K3?

By using the control image, you can view images of O-FC1 in the communication device.
What is the conditions of the communication device corresponding to the O-FC1?

· Android OS 4.2 or higher, Chrome browser
· IOS 6 or higher, Safari browser
※ It is not guaranteed to work with all type of devices
Which image format can be transferred?

Only images that are saved in JPEG format
Can monitoring is possible while shooting videos in O-FC1?

What kind of capacity for O-FC1 available?

Only 16GB available
Which card can be Wi-Fi transfer other than O-FC1?

The Eye-Fi card with a built-in wireless LAN function
Is it no problem using it plugged into both slots 1 and 2 the O-FC1?

It is no problem, but the wireless works only slot 2
Can I protect to not operate the camera when use other than own device?

It can be protected by a network key and SSID
If you are using in the (K-3)-compatible cameras, SSID / network key is stored in the camera.If you are using a non-compatible cameras, SSID / network key is stored in the card.
When captured the image from the device remotely, where image will be stored?

It will be stored in the memory card
Application would own? Is the application common with Trek's FLU card?

Its own that works on the browser, is different from the application of FLU card.
Is there any problem If you format the card with the camera?

Is the endless mode (After the transfer, to erase) available?

Is there a (mode) operating condition that can’t be remote shooting?

It is not possible to remote shooting in the following situations:.
Drive mode Single-frame, Video mode, composition fine-tuning, USB connected, HDMI connected.
Beep sound will be when I put the power by setting the O-FC1. Is it possible to erase the sound?

Can the manual focus possible by remotely?

Is it possible to transfer the image recorded in 0-FC1 like Eye-Fi card?

No, Only can browse (View) with device. It is possible to save the image by browser software operation.
Combination of Eye-Fi card and O-FC1 (to transfer the image to Eye-Fi) Possible?

Can display the shutter speed and shooting information when use other than remote shooting mode?

Display of shooting information is possible only during remote shooting mode.
What about the Warranty condition?

1 year warranty
What can I do if the 0-FC1 is out of order?

Please contact to service center
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