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G900/G900SEProducts Information

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the G900 digital cameras.

Basic Specifications and Functions

What accessories are provided with this camera?

・Neck Strap
・USB Cable (Type-A - Type-C)
・Rechargeable battery DB-110
・Battery charger BJ-11 (USB interface: Type-C)
・USB power adapter
・Power plug
・Macro stand (O-MS3)
・Operating Manual
・Regarding Waterproof Design

*Software User Guide is stored in the camera’s internal memory.
*The followings aren't provided with this camera. camera case, HDMI cable, SD memory card
What are the optional accessories for this camera?

・WIDE CONVERSION LENS [DW-5](equivalent to a 35 mm film camera’s 22 mm)
・BATTERY CHARGER [BJ-11] (USB interfae: Type C)
Can the filter be mounted on the lens?

Yes. Commercially-available filters with a diameter of 37 mm can be mounted on the lens.
What is the picture and movie recording format?

picture: JPEG (Exif ver2.3),conforms to DCF2.0, PRINT Image Matching III
movie: MOV(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
What interfaces are there?

・USB (Type-C)
・HDMI Micro connector

Accessory Shoe and AV-Out aren't equipped.

Memory Card

What are the storage media?

• SD Memory Card
• SDHC Memory Card
• SDXC Memory Card
• Flash Air™ Card
Does the camera come with an SD Memory Card?

No. Memory Cards should be purchased as required.
*Note: Built-in memory is in this camera. (approx. 6.5GB 6.5 GB).
What are caution and restriction points about using a tamper-proof card? (G900SE only)

<<Caution points>>
・A limited number of folders can be created in a temper-proof card. For the number of folders and files that can be ceated, contact the card manufacturer.
・The files in the tamper-proof card cannot be copiesd to a computer via USB cable.

<<Restriction points>>
The followings are not available.
-Skew Correciton
-Interval Movie

※Cont. Shoot/Burst Shoot/M-Cont/S-Cont -
When these are selected, only one shot can be taken.Shooting continuously doesn't work.
※Movie/High Speed Movie -
It takes more time to write the data than using a normal SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card.

[Play back]
The followings are not available.
-Image Copy (From internal memory to a tamper-proof card)
-Recover File
-Divide Movies
-Adding title picture
-Red-eye Edit
-Skew Correction


What kind of battery does the camera use?

・DB-110 rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Other batteries can't be used.
Can DB-65 rechargealbe Li-ion battery for G700 and G800 be used?

DB-65 can't be used.

Shooting and Playback

Can I shoot at the wide-angle side more than 28mm that is 35mm film camera equivalent?

An optional wide conversion lens "DW-5" enables shooting at a lens magnification of 0.8 times (equivalent to a 35 mm film camera’s 22 mm).
Can a release cable be used?

Can a remote control be used?

REMOTE CONTROL WATERPROOF [O-RC1] , which is an option, can be uset.
What are any recommended HDMI cables?

-Pansonic: RP-CHEU15-K(Discontinued)
Is GP-1(for G800SE and G700SE GPS Unit option) available for G900SE?

Use built-in GPS function in the camera.
Is BR-1(for G800SE and G700SE barcode reader Unit option) available for G900SE?

Read a barcode through the camera lens.


What application software are provided with this camera?

<DC Software II>
• DL-20: Download images and videos to the computer.
• LE2: Create camera memo lists.
• ME2: View and Edit memo descriptions, Print them with photos.
• EX2: Rename files according to memo descriptions or export memos as CSV, XML, or text.
• ST-20*1): Create the Wireless LAN settings
• SR-20*2): FTP Server for camera

*1),*2) ST-20 and SR-20 aren't included with G900, G900SE only

Those software setup files are in the camera’s internal memory.
About system requirements for using application software provided with this camera.

• Windows®10(32bit / 64bit)
• Windows®8.1(32bit / 64bit)
• Windows®7 SP1(32bit / 64bit)
• Windows Server® 2019(64bit)
• Windows Server® 2016(64bit)
• Windows Server® 2012 R2(64bit)
• Windows Server® 2008 R2(64bit)
How to install the application software to a PC?

1. Power on the camera and Press MENU button.
2. Select [Setup] (wrench mark tab).
3. Select [CD-ROM] at [USB Connection] and press MENU button.
4. Connect the camaera and a PC by a USB cable.
5. Open Windows Explorer and click "CD Drive DCSOFTWARE2"
6. Double click "Autorun" (type: Application) .
7. Click "Installing DC Software II" and continue to setup according to the message.

After installing:
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and return the [USB connection] setting item to [MSC] by performing steps 1 to 4 above.

Camera memo

What is "camera memo" ?

- Image files taken with the camera have an area where information can be added. The camera memo function allows you to add a memo about an image by using this area.
- The barcode information read by the camera can also be recorded in the camera memo.
- By adding a camera memo to a shooting file, it is easy to identify and classify images.
How to use "camera memo" ?

1. Create a camera memo file by ""LE2"", which is bundled software, and transfer it to the camera. (Refer to Software manual
2. Press MENU button and select [Expanded Settings](MEMO tab).
3. Select [ON] at [Camera Memo Options] and Press MENU button.
4. Display a camera memo by pressing ""ADJ.MEMO"" button and take a picture. the information of camera memo is recorded in the image.

Wireless LAN・ Bluetooth(G900SE Only)

What are the available wireless LAN standards?

- Standards
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

- Srequency (Center Frequency)
2.4GHz (1ch~11ch) / 5GHz (36ch~48ch)

- Security
WEP(64/128bit), WPA/WPA2 mixed PSK, WPA/WPA2 mixed, EAP format enterprise EAP-TLS, PEAP (MS-CHAP v2)
What is the authentication method used for 802.1x authentication?

What is the available Bluetooth® standards?

Bluetooth® v3.0/v4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
What profiles are supported?

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