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G800Products Information

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the G800 digital cameras.

Basic Specifications and Functions

What accessories are provided with this camera?

• USB Cable (Micro B)
• Camera User Guide
• Rechargeable Battery (DB-65)
• Battery Charger(BJ-6)
• Neck Strap
• Warranty

Software User Guide is stored in the camera’s internal memory.
What are the optional accessories for this camera?

• Rechargeable Battery : DB-65
• Battery Charger : BJ-6
• HDMI Cable : HC-1
• Soft Case : SC-700
• Wide Conversion Lens : DW-5 (equivalent to a 35 mm camera’s 22 mm)
What camera case option is available ?

The optional camera case is "SC-700"
Can the filter be mounted on the lens?

Yes. Commercially-available filters with a diameter of 37 mm can be mounted on the lens.
Does this camera have shake reduction function?

What is the picture and movie recording format?

picture: JPEG (Exif ver2.3)
movie: MOV(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
About Waterproofing, Dust Resistance, Shock Residence

  • • The camera complies with the JIS/IEC Class 8 standard for water resistance and the JIS/IEC Class 6 (IP68) standard for dust resistance.
    Note, however, that when an optional GP-1 GPS unit or BR-1 barcode reader is attached with G800SE, it complies with the JIS/IEC Class 4 standard for water resistance only.
  • • The camera satisfies our drop test (2.0m height) complying with MIL-Standard 810F.
  • • After shooting in the rain or cleaning in water, water may seep through the eyepiece of the lens segment and the tripod screw holes on the underside.
    This is not a problem because these sections are of double structure.
  • • The internal mechanisms of the camera are neither waterproof nor dustproof.
  • • Should water enter the inside of the camera, remove the batteries immediately and contact a repair center.

Cautions on Use
  • • When opening and closing the battery/card cover or terminal cover, take care to prevent any water, sand, mud, dust, or other foreign matter that may have adhered to the camera from entering the interior of device. If possible, avoid opening or closing the camera at the beach, near the sea, or in sandy soil to prevent seawater or sand from getting inside.
  • • Open and close the battery/card cover or terminal cover with your bare hands. Do not wear gloves, as any sand, dust, or other foreign matter that may have adhered to the gloves may get inside the camera. Remove any water, sand, mud, dust, or other foreign matter that may have adhered to the camera and open and close the covers in a place where it will not be exposed to dirt.
  • • Water droplets may get inside when the cover is opened. Wipe dry before using.
  • • Because of its water proof structure, the mode dial may be hard to turn when it has not been operated for a long time. In the case, operate the dial several times to restore it to the initial state.
  • • Do not leave the camera in places where there are extremes of temperature or humidity, such as in a closed car, at the seashore, or in a bathroom.
  • • If any foreign object (metal, water, liquid) gets inside the camera, stop using the camera immediately. Turn the power off, remove the battery and memory card, and consult the store where you purchased the camera, or the service contact.
  • • In cold climates, if the camera has water droplets adhering to its surface, they may freeze. It may cause the failure of the camera. Do not leave the camera with water adhering to it.
What interfaces are there?

• USB Micro-B (USB2.0, Mass storage-compatible)
• HDMI Micro connector (type D)
• Accessory shoe (based on JIS B7101) : The shoe doesn't support a synchronizer contact.

Memory Card

What are the storage media?

• SD Memory Card
• SDHC Memory Card
• SDXC Memory Card (up to 256GB)
• Eye-Fi card (X2, Mobi)
Does the camera come with an SD Memory Card?

No. Memory Cards should be purchased as required.
*Note: Internal memory is in this camera. ( about 6.5 GB).
When using SD Memory Cards, what should do first?

Card that are unused or that have been used on other devices, such as another camera or a computer, must first be formatted on the G800.
*Please note that formatting will delete any data recorded on the card.
*When using a new Eye-fi card, copy the install file of Eye-Fi Manager stored on the card to your computer before you format the card.
Are there any precautions needed when using SD Memory Cards?

  • • Be sure to use this camera to format an SD Memory Card that is unused.
  • • Card that are unused or that have been used on other devices, such as another camera or a computer, must first be formatted on the G800.
    *Note that formatting a card erases all the data on the card, including protected images and sound files.
  • • Do not remove an SD Memory Card or turn the camera off while you are recording data or playing back images or audio, or while the camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable. Doing so will result in the corruption of stored data and/or damage to the SD Memory Card.
  • • Do not bend an SD Memory Card or subject it to violent impacts. And do not leave cards in locations where they will be exposed to moisture or high temperatures. Doing so will result in the corruption of stored data and/or damage to the SD Memory Card.
  • • Avoid using or storing the card where it may be exposed to static electricity or electrical interference.


What kind of battery does the camera use?

• DB-65 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (DB-60 cannot be used)
• AAA Alkaline Batteries (available in stores)
• AAA Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries (available in stores)
When the battery is removed, how long is the date set in the camera retained?

approximately 3 days
Is it possible to charge DB-65 by connecting a camera and PC with USB cable?

To charge DB-65, BJ-6 is required.
Can DB-60 be used?


Shooting and Playback

About ISO sensitivity.

ISO sensitivity
The following ISO settings are selectable.
Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600

  • • When the flash is used, the maximum value that will be selected for auto ISO sensitivity is ISO 1600. If the flash is off, auto ISO sensitivity will be set to values between ISO 100 and ISO 3200.
  • • When the flash is set to [FLASH ON (10M)], the maximum value that will be selected for auto ISO sensitivity is ISO 3200.
Can I shoot at the wide-angle side more than 28mm that is 35mm film camera equivalent?

An optional wide conversion lens "DW-5" enables shooting at a lens magnification of 0.8 times (equivalent to a 35 mm film camera’s 22 mm).
Can a release cable be used?

Can a remote control be used?

About recording a recording time of movie.

Movies may be up to 4 GB in size. The maximum length is about 25 minutes for movies recorded at a [Movie Size] of [1920 (30 fps)] or [1280 (60 fps)],29 minutes for movies recorded at [1280 (30 fps)] or [640 (30 fps)].
Depending on the type of memory card used, shooting may end before this length is reached. The maximum total length of all movie files that can be stored depends on the capacity of the memory card.
Can the camera focus be adjusted during movie recording?

Can the Optical zoom be used during movie recording?

No. Only digital zoom can be operated.
Does the camera have a shake reduction function for movie recording?

Does the camera have a interval shooting function?

Yes. Take photos automatically at intervals ranging from five seconds to three hours in five-second increments. Press the shutter-release button to start shooting.
  • • The interval shooting setting is cleared when the camera is turned off.
  • • The time until the next picture can be taken according to the shooting menu setting may be longer than the time set for interval shooting. If this is the case,the shooting interval becomes longer than the set time.
  • • There isn't interval video shooting function.


What application software are provided with this camera?

<DC software>
DC software includes the following applications:
• DL-10: Download all images to the computer.
• List Editor: Create memo lists.
• ME1: View and Edit memo descriptions, Print them with photos .

Check whether photographs shot with [On] selected for [Edit Detection] in the shooting menu have been altered since they were taken.

Rename files according to memo descriptions or export memos as CSV, XML, or text.

Those software setup files are in the camera’s internal memory.
About system requirements for using application software provided with this camera.

• Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (32bit)
• Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32bit , 64bit)
• Windows 8.1 (32bit, 64bit)
• Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1,Windows Server 2012 R2

• Pentium® IV: 1.6 GHz or faster
• Pentium® M: 1.4 GHz or faster
• Core 2 Duo: 1.5 GHz or faster

1 GB or more

<Free Disk Space>
A minimum of 300 MB required for installation

<Display Resolution>
1024 × 768 pixels or greater

<Display Colors>
65,000 colors or greater

<USB Port>
Compatible USB port


Is it possible to delete the date imprinted in an image?

Can data in the camera's built-in memory be copied onto an SD Memory Card?

Select [Copy to Card from Internal Memory] at playback menu.
Can I view images on a TV?

To display pictures on a TV, connect G800 and a TV with an HDMI cable.
The HDMI interface of G800 is Type D.
HDMI cable: HC-1(Option) or commercially available HDMI cable
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