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Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the HD PENTAX-DA AF REAR CONVERTER 1.4X AW.

Basic Specifications and Functions

Is the image quality improved compare with the rear converter A?

The quality in center and periphery has improved greatly.
Can the lens which is other than DA lens be used?

There is also a FA lens that can be used but it is recommend to use in combination with a lens that can fully demonstrate the performance of the product AF accuracy and image quality.
Can the manual focus be used with the camera which is not respond the AF?

The manual focus can be used but the focus indicator is not available.
Is it possible to use with Non Digital SLR as rear convertor for manual focus?

Because the image circle is within APS-C area, it is not possible to use with Non Digital SLR.
Is it possible to use the lens correction function of the camera?

It is not possible. If you install the AF RC1.4X, you can’t select lens correction menu is grayed out. Even if you shot in RAW, images taken using the AF RC1.4X can’t select a lens correction menu within the body development. Manual correction is possible with camera bundled software, automatic correction is not available.
Is it works with old SLR which are no availability of correspond firmware for DA rear converter?

It is works but AF accuracy can’t be guaranteed, also QFS (Quick-shift focus system) does not work and F No is not display correctly.
Is there any difference of the speed and accuracy of AF?

It might possible that AF speed will be slower and AF accuracy can’t be guaranteed.
Depend on the type of lenses, phase AF and the contrast AF disabled, why?

Phase AF: When mounted the rear convertor, it become out of range of the phase AF if the F No is bigger than 5.6.
Contrast AF: Since the accuracy can’t be guaranteed.
What is the material of the lens? What is the material of the exterior?

The material of the lens is using a glass and the material of the exterior is using plastic.
Can the DA AF Rear convertor be used with telescope (100SDUF/125SDP)

It can use only with manual focus.
Can the DA AF Rear convertor be used with Q7 in combination of DA ☆ 300mmF4 + RC1.4xSDM + K-mount lens adapter for Q?

Can the DA AF Rear convertor be used in combination with old accessories such as intermediate ring, auto extension tube (100mm and 50mm)?

It can be used only with Manual focus.
When using a DA lens and 0-GPS1, the focal length can automatically be corrected?
 Can the Astro tracer be worked properly?

Yes, the focal length will be corrected automatically and Astro tracer can be worked, but it might possible that accuracy falls.
Is it possible to register individually the AF fine adjustment with camera?

Individual registration will be possible by updating the corresponding firmware in the following models. (K-7, K-5, K-30, K-5 Ⅱ / Ⅱ s, K-50, K-500, K-3)
Recognizing the lens and DA AF rear convertor as another lens and it can register individually the AF fine adjustment.
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