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FAQs - USB Connections

Caplio Mounter for Mac OS X

This area provides step by step troubleshooting on USB connections when you are using Caplio Mounter in Mac OS X.

1. Review basic points

1-1) Is the Caplio Mounter software installed properly?


1-2) Check an USB cable, an USB port

  • Do you connect a camera to a USB port that your computer come already equipped with?
    • We have no information on a case that a camera is connected to an optional USB port, such as where an extention card is installed.

  • Does an USB cable correctly connet a camera to a computer? Check to a connector is fully seated.

  • If a camera is connected via other devices, such as a USB hub, please try removing them to connect a camera directly to a USB port on a computer.

  • If a computer has a several USB ports, try changing to other USB port.

1-3) Check batteries

  • Are batteries loaded properly?
  • Does batteries has power enough?

Check the battery mark on the LCD screen. If the battery power is not full, replace batteries to a new set, or use a full-recharged battery.


1-4) Check free space on a hard disk

Check if there is free space enough on a hard disk drive in your computer.
In order to transfer images to a computer, it requires the same capacity or more as that of the memory card inserted in the camera.

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