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Recent Press Releases

Ricoh releases third function-enhancing firmware updatefor GR DIGITAL
User requests reflected in update for functional improvement

Tokyo, Japan - November 20 - Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Masamitsu Sakurai) announced today that it will release on November 22 a third function-enhancing firmware update for its GR DIGITAL * high-resolution compact digital camera, which has been well received for more than a year since its release.

  • *The GR DIGITAL is a high-end digital camera popular with pro photographers, high-end amateurs, and photo aficionados that achieves high resolution in a compact body. It was first released October 21, 2005 and is open priced.

The function-enhancing firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website. The following features can be added to the GR DIGITAL by installing this firmware.

  • (1)New optional sizes can be set for the JPEG images recorded simultaneously when taking photos in RAW(3264 × 2448). "N3260" (NORMAL 3264 × 2448) and "N640" (NORMAL 640 x 480) can be set in addition to the conventional "F3260" (FINE 3260 × 2448). This allows for more shots to be recorded.
    (For example, with a 512 MB SD card, RAW+F3264 allows for 33 shots, while RAW+N640 allows for 42 shots.)
  • (2)With a 3:2 aspect ratio (vertical to horizontal ratio of an image), "N3:2"(NORMAL 3260 × 2176) can now be selected in addition to "RAW3:2" (RAW 3264 x 2176) or "F3:2"(FINE 3264 x 2176). This allows for more shots to be recorded.
    (For example, with a 512 MB SD card, F3:2 allows for 177 shots, while N3:2 allows for 308 shots.)
  • (3)The exposure adjustment range when shooting with Auto Bracket (function for shooting multiple shots at different exposures) can be selected at ±0.3 EV in addition to ±0.5 EV. This allows for finer shooting with Auto Bracket.
    • *Auto Bracket function cannot be used in RAW mode (same as before).

In addition to the above-mentioned functions, improved auto focus speed and focusing precision in macro photography.

Function-enhancing firmware updates are the result of numerous opinions and requests from customers through the GR BLOG and through questionnaire information provided at user registration in Japan. The first update was released on March 24 and the second on July 28. Many GR DIGITAL users downloaded those, and much positive feedback has been received.

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