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GR World is an application that enables you to extract images that were taken with a GR Digital camera and that were uploaded to Flickr, and then view those images on an iPhone/iPad. The GR World application can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store within the iTunes Store or from the iPhone/iPad App Store. GR World lets you to easily view photos taken by GR Digital users worldwide and enjoy slideshows of those photos. You can also specify photo genres and favorite photos for viewing together.

*An Internet connection environment is necessary for download/viewing.
*For slide intervals, the actual time will vary depending on the Internet connection environment.
*It is bilingual English-Japanese application.

* In case of setting language other than Japanese on your iPhone or iPad, it is downloaded in English automatically.


    Start slideshow by just tapping the icon.
  • Category


    Select from eight categories, including “macro,” “portraits,” and “GR World Special.”
  • Slideshow


    Select from four transition effects, such as “fade in & out.”
  • Collection


    Easily bookmark favorite photographs and view them together.
Tap the App Store icon and search for “GR World.” Download GR World free of charge and add the icon. When you tap the GR World icon, the slideshow starts.
Recommended operating environment
<Compatible models>
iPhone (3G or later), iPod touch (2nd generation or later), iPad
iPhone, iPod touch ・・・iOS 4.0 or later
iPad・・・ OS 3.2 or later *For iPad and iPod touch, a net connection environment is necessary. 
Initial settings
・Category: alll
・Slideshow: on, fade in & out
・Slide interval: 3 seconds
・Slide repeat: on
Category Slideshow Slide interval
●GR WORLD Special
●fade in & out
●zoom in & out
● 3 seconds
● 5 seconds
● 10 seconds
Basic operations
・View the next/previous image with the right/left Slide.
・Bookmark favorites with the + bookmark button.
・To view only bookmarked images, use the Collection button.
・Tapping the screen once displays the menu. (Tapping again closes the menu.)
・The image can be magnified using pinch in/out.
Menu usage
Bookmark the displayed image as a favorite.
View the images bookmarked as favorites.
Display the Flickr site where the original image is located.
Display the Ricoh official blog site GR Blog.
Change the category of the displayed image or change the slideshow display.

Q: Can I download the original image?
A: No, it is not possible with this application. For details, please see the site.

Q: What criteria are used for photo selection?
A: Using the exif data on photos available on Flickr, we extract those taken with Ricoh GR Digital cameras (models II and III included), and then we use FlickrAPI to select up to 1,000 photos in each genre. The photos are displayed in popularity sequence.

Q: Can I view GR World without an Internet-access environment?
A: No, you cannot view GR World if you do not have the ability to view Internet content.

Q. I adjusted the slide interval, but the photos do not display in the specified number of seconds.
A. Please keep in mind that slide display interval time discrepancies can occur depending on the Internet environment used for viewing.

Inquiries concerning GR World

*Flickr is a photo sharing community site; the name is a registered trademark of Yahoo! of the United States.
*iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
*iTunes Store, App Store, and iPod touch are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc.; they have been registered in the United States and other countries.