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Caplio R30


The Focus Is On Powerful Optical 5.7x Zoom

At 28mm, you get extraordinary wide-angle picture that you'll never produce with a conventional 35 mm lens.


The optical 5.7x zoom draws distant subjects close up, capturing all the beautiful details.

28mm wide angle/160mm telephoto

Thanks to Ricoh's original Double Retracting LENS System, a high-quality lens unit fits inside an amazingly compact camera. The Caplio R30 holds an optical 5.7x zoom extending from wide-angle 28mm to 160mm telephoto. The advanced technology inside continues with a 5.13 effective megapixel CCD that delivers faithful reproduction of colors and textures. This Caplio offers it all. Brilliant image quality. Unique 28mm pictures. Wide-range zoom versatility. Plus, 1cm macro shooting.

    • 28-160mm optical 5.7x zoom
    • Effective megapixel 5.13 CCD
    • Top shutter release time lag: 0.007 sec.*1
    • 1cm macro
  • *1Shutter release time lag with focus lock engaged.
  • Focal lengths are 35mm film camera equivalents.

Our Innovative Technology Keeps Shrinking

Astonishing macro shots from 1cm away

1cm macro

Move in and shoot as close as 1cm away from your subject with the lens set at its widest angle, or 8cm away in telemacro. You can use AF Target Selection with its four direction buttons- -to shift the focus point without moving the camera. Explore the fun world of macro photography!

0.007-second shutter release time lag*

The Caplio R30 powers up in just 1.1 seconds, has a shutter release time lag of approximately 0.09 seconds (without focus lock engaged) and resets for your next shot in half a second. Enjoy fast response that lets you take great shot after shot.

  • *Approx. time with focus lock engaged
  • Time measurements with flash OFF

Compact design and long-lasting power

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

With the included rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can shoot approximately 330 pictures*. That's enough for an entire vacation, or business trip. Synchro monitor mode automatically switches the LCD monitor off when the camera is not in use, delivering a big gain in battery power conservation.

  • *Number of shots measured using CIPA standard parameters.
    Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions.

Double Retracting LENS System makes room for the optical 5.7xzoom

Double Retracting LENS System

Ricoh's original Double Retracting LENS System swings part of the lens group like a pendulum inside the camera when the lens retracts. This enables a 5.7x optical zoom range wide-angle 28mm to 160mm zoom to fit inside the Caplio R30's slim 26mm body.

Additional features & functions

    • Skew correction function handy for business uses
    • Eight scene modes
    • Three continuous shooting modes
    • Shoot video with digital zoom and sound until memory is full

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