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Super-wide angle, super telephoto, and high definition images. Amazing functionality made simple and easy to use.X-5

Focal distance: 103mm, Shooting mode: Programmed 1/250 sec, ISO : 200

26x ZOOM Bringing your 1subject closer. Optical 26x zoom

The optical 26x zoom provides 22.3mm super wide-angle to 580mm super telephoto*, bringing very distance objects just where you want them. Combined with the high quality of approximately 16 effective megapixels, back-lit CMOS image sensor and high quality PENTAX lens provides you with beautifully clear pictures in all types of conditions.

[Wide angle 22.3mm equivalent]
[Telephoto 580mm equivalent]

1cm MACRO 1cm Macro Bringing you to a new world of close-up.

Equipped with a 1cm Macro function that allows you to shoot subjects from a minimum distance of 1cm.

[1cm Macro]

Fully equipped with all the functions you need. PENTAX X-5 brings the enjoyment of photography to your fingertips.

Equipped with a wide range of shooting modes, youcan simply leave everything to the camera, or select your own settings for the perfect picture. Equipped with the automatic picture (AUTO PICT) mode, where the camera automatically judges the optimum shooting scene for you, or the scene mode (SCN) that adjusts the settings for special scenes such as night views or backlit scenes. Simply leave it to the camera to get great shots every time. The convenient “USER mode” remembers your favorite settings such as exposure for future use.

Sharp photographs,whatever the scene. Dual Shake Reduction Equipped with the “Dual SR & Pixel Track SR” that combines sensor-shift type shake reduction with electronic shake reduction, effectively suppressing camera shake.

Other Functions Automatic tracking AF, maximum 32 person face recognition AF & AE, high sensitivity mode, Movie SR (Movie Shake Reduction) electronic shake compensation, movie title image, smile capture, blink detection, 16-scene auto recognition auto capture, pet detection, digital filter, frame composite mode, panorama, auto bracket, enlar ged text, red eye reduction, SDXC memory card compatible