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APS Camera: efina T2

efina T2
Simple-to-Use 2X Zoom Lens with Full-Metal Body

he efinaT2's high-performance zoom lens offers a 2X zoom range between 23mm and 46mm in focal length,* allowing you to capture the subject in the desired size. The entire body, including the lens barrel, is made of stainless steel (SUS316) for both an attractive appearance and enhanced durability.
* Equivalent in focal length to approximately 29mm-58mm in the 35mm format.

A Host of User-Friendly Features in a Sparkling Full-Metal Body
Passive 5-point AF for image composition flexibility; Spot AF for pinpoint focusing

The efinaT2 measures the subject's distance using 5 AF sensors aligned across the image field to assure optimum focus on the subject, even when it is positioned off center. If you prefer to always position the subject at the middle of your view, switch to spot AF to avoid accidental focus point shift.
Note: The subject must be placed within the AF frame (tele/wide or spot) displayed in the viewfinder at all times.

Multi-pattern metering to assure optimum exposure

The efinaT2's advanced multi-pattern metering system detects even subtle differences in brightness and contrast levels within the image field, to give your subject proper exposure even under confusing lighting conditions.

Red-eye reduction to avoid annoying flash effect

The built-in auto flash provides the red-eye reduction function to prevent annoying red eyes in the subject's eyes and create natural, true-to-life flash portraits.**
** This function does not eliminate red eyes in all instances.

Slow shutter and slow-shutter sync for sunset scenes

Choose the slow shutter mode to stop flash discharge at museums and galleries, or to dramatize sunset pictures. To take portraits against a breathtaking sunset or to faithfully reproduce the romantic atmosphere in your indoor portraits, take advantage of the slow-shutter sync mode for proper exposure on both subject and background.

Infinity-landscape to fix focus at distant scenery

When you photograph distant landscapes, simply switch to the infinity-landscape mode to fix the focus at infinity. This gives you sharply focused pictures, frame after frame.

Zoom macro to capture close-ups without mode switching

Without a single switching action, the efinaT2 lets you capture close-up images from just 65cm away at any focal length of the zoom lens.

Built-in flash with automatic discharge in the dark

The built-in flash automatically discharges under low-light and backlight conditions. You can also use the flash-on mode to provide illumination for subjects such as those in the shade, or one wearing a hat.

A choice of three picture formats for ideal proportions

The efinaT2 provides a choice of three picture formats — C (2:3), H (9:16) and P (1:3) — so you can select the format that best suits your subject or image composition. You can change formats swiftly with simple lever operation, while the viewfinder's picture frame is automatically adjusted for the selected format.

Self-timer to take your own photo; Remote control to release the shutter from a distance

When you press the shutter release button, the built-in self-timer gives you approximately 10 seconds to join friends or family in the picture. Using an optional remote controller, you can release the shutter from as far as four meters away.

Actual-image viewfinder with a diopter adjuster; simple lever action to zoom in on the subject

The actual-image viewfinder is equipped with a diopter adjuster, which allows you to fine-tune the viewfinder image to match your eyesight. The large, accessible zoom lever offers you fingertip control of the subject's size.

A Choice of Five Shooting Modes with Easy Mode Setting via Pictographs
[AUTO] Select the multi-purpose "AUTO" mode in most situations.
[AUTO+EYE] Select this pictograph for red-eye reduction flash.
[FLASH-OFF] Select this pictograph to turn the flash off or capture sunsets.
[FLASH-ON] Select this pictograph to use the flash for every picture.
[SLOW SYNC] Select this pictograph for flash portraits at sunset.
User-Friendly Features to Facilitate Camera Operation
Mid-Roll Film Change (MRC) for multi-film shooting convenience

Thanks to the MRC feature, you can change APS film cartridges at any frame within a roll of film. When you reload a partially used cartridge, the efinaT2 automatically advances the film to the next blank frame to protect the previously exposed frames. Use as many film cartridges as you please simultaneously, while recording pictures of a particular subject or theme on each cartridge.

Single-action film loading to minimize delays

Just drop an APS film cartridge into the efinaT2, and in a matter of seconds you're ready to shoot. The convenient marker lets you identify at a glance whether all frames are already exposed or some blank frames are still left on the film.

Safety lock to save priceless pictures

The safety lock mechanism is employed in the film cartridge compartment to prevent accidental opening of the compartment lid.

Print Quality Improvement (PQI) to upgrade image quality

The Print Quality Improvement function optimizes the image quality of finished prints by automatically recording vital shooting data, including the use of flash, the subject's brightness level and lighting conditions, onto the magnetic coating on the back of the film.

Date & title imprinting for greater fun of APS photography

The efinaT2 features a five-mode date imprinting function to let you keep accurate track of your valuable memories, while its title imprinting function allows you to print one of the 31 prerecorded titles (available in 12 different languages) onto the picture to specify the occasion or add a message.***
*** The selected date can be imprinted onto the image side of prints upon request at the time of your print orders.

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