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Spotting Scopes: PF-DS1

Instant mounting of a PENTAX spotting scope equipped with an XF/XW-series eyepiece* onto an Optio-series digital compact camera**

* Excluding the XF Zoom XW5, XW3.5, XW30 and XW40 eyepieces.
** Compatible with the S5i, S4i, S4 and S models.

Quick, effortless conversion of a PENTAX spotting scope*** into a high-performance super-telephoto lens

*** The PF-65ED, PF-65EDA, PF-80ED, PF-80EDA and PF-100ED models.

High-grade digital super-tele photography made easy with this quick-action attachment, using the eyepiece’s mounting screw and user-friendly optical axis alignment mechanism
Cable Release 30 included to minimize camera shake

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