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A moment in the world captured by Misha Erwitt


Mr. Misha Erwitt, a photographer from New York who loves GR.
The style of instinctively cutting off the decisive moment of the street corner of the world is shocking and you can feel the real pleasure of street photo.
We will introduce the moment in various parts of the world photographed by Mr. Erwitt.

Me in Ueno, Tokyo at the train station walking to Asakusa.

Me at the Flower Festival along the waterfront in Yamashita Park Yokohama Japan.

Deer Park Nara Japan. Tourist's take selfies with the deer.

Break dancers practicing their moves at the Namba JR Station Osaka Japan.

Students line up to take pictures of the new cherry blossoms in Shinjuku.


Misha Erwitt

Born from New York.
Freelance photographer. He worked as a staff photographer in the New York Daily News for 11 years and was involved in photography in a wide range of fields from local news to domestic and international topics. Participate in Magnum Photo at a joint video project for the Japanese television station "Magnum Eye" and interview people living in the cemetery centered in Manila. Works are posted in photo collections, magazines, etc., as well as at ICP (International Photo Center), Los Angeles' Contemporary Art Museum (MOCA), etc.

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