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An all-weather outdoor camera with
superb waterproof performance



Annoucing the PENTAX WG-1000


An all-weather outdoor camera with superb waterproof performance

A solid, all-weather body for protection against dust and water

The PENTAX WG-1000 features a dependable all-weather body, designed to be waterproof down to a depth of 15 meters for up to one hour of continuous operation; dustproof against dirt and stains; and shockproof against a fall from a height of two meters.

• Waterproof : IPX8, JIS Class 8 • Dustproof : IP6X, JIS Class 6 • Shockproof : Measured under RICOH IMAGING-original testing standards: a drop from a height of two meters onto a surface of 5-cm thick plywood.

Sharp, clear images

The WG-1000 features a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with approximately 16.35 effective megapixels and outstanding light reception efficiency to deliver sharp, clear, high-resolution images.

Within its compact, lightweight body, it features a four-times optical zoom lens with a focal-length coverage from 4.9 mm to 19.6mm (equivalent to approx. 27mm to 108mm in the 35mm format) to accommodate a wide range of applications. When coupled with its Digital Zoom function, you can extend the zoom range by approximately 24 times.

A range of shooting modes to capture all kinds of scenes and subjects

A choice of seven capture modes

The WG-1000 provides a choice of seven distinctive capture modes, including: Auto Picture, which automatically detects a given scene or subject and selects the most appropriate shooting mode; Manual, which allows you to manually select the desired aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity; Underwater, which reproduces true-to-life colors of the underwater world by reducing the bluish color cast; and Scene, which lets you select a desired scene mode from 18 different options.


List of shooting modes:

Auto; Program AE; Manual; Movie; Scene (Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Beach, Sunset, Fireworks, Night Landscape, Snow, Children, Panorama, Glass, Anti-Shake, Panning Shot, Night Portrait, Party, Indoor, Leaf, Museum); Underwater; CALS

A selection of Color modes to personalize the visual expressions

The WG-1000 provides 20 Color modes to add the desired finishing touch to your images. In addition to the conventional Black and White and Sepia modes, it also features more creative options, such as Japan Style, which enhances bluish hues; Italian Style, which enhances greenish hues; French Style, which enhances reddish hues; Negative, which creates a finishing touch resembling that of negative film before a positive is made; and Sketch, which adds a visual effect resembling that of a drawing. This function lets you add the desired finishing touch to your image.

List of Color modes:

Normal, Vivid, Japan Style, Italian Style, French Style, Punk, Black and White, Sepia, Partial Color-Red, Partial Color-Blue, Partial Color-Yellow, Partial Color-Green, Negative, Dreamy, Vignetting, Salon, Fish Eye, Reflection, 4 Grids ‐ Stylish (2M), Sketch

A host of other creative options

Full HD Movie recording

The WG-1000 features a choice of movie recording modes, including: Full HD Movie (at a frame rate of 30 frames per second) and High Speed Movie* for recording slow-motion movies (with 640 X 480 pixels, at 120 frames per second). It also provides the easy-to-access Movie button for a delay-free start of movie recording.

* Maximum duration: 30 seconds for recording, two minutes for playback. Audio recording is not available.

Interval Shooting

The WG-1000’s Interval Shooting function lets you automatically capture a series of images at a fixed interval. You can choose the desired interval setting from 30 seconds, one minute, five minutes, or 10 minutes.

Versatile self-timer

The WG-1000’s self-timer provides three options: two-second delay, 10-second delay, and Self-timer Smile, which automatically releases the shutter when the camera detects a smiling face.

Other features:

Face Detection AF(Up to 12 faces) / AF assist lamp / Electronic shake reduction / Continuous shot/ Continuous shot-high speed / Blink detection

Work-site friendly features

Thanks to its exceptional shockproof performance, you can use it at a variety of construction and work sites without worries.

Dependable protection against ethanol, sodium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions

Since the WG-1000 can be safely sterilized with solutions containing ethanol, sodium hypochlorite (approved as a disinfectant of food additives) or chlorine dioxide, you can use it at medical facilities and production lines.

Two-point strap suspension

The WG-1000 provides two strap lugs, so it can be suspended horizontally at two points using the optional O-ST174 Neck Strap. This strap also comes in handy when you want to carry the camera across your body.

For more information

Accessible shutter-release button and easy-to-hold body design

Carabiner strap included;
optional neck strap for two-point

2.7" LCD

Standard accessories

Silicon protector jacket to shield the body from scratches

Carabiner strap handy for carrying

Main Specifications

Effective pixels Approx. 16.35 megapixels
Image sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS
Dimensions Approx. 116(W)×68.5(H)×50.5(D)mm / 4.6(W) x 2.7 (H) x 2.0 (D) inches. Excluding operating and protruding parts
Weight Approx. 220g / 7.87 oz (with battery and SD memory card)


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