As the ultimate snap shooter,
GR continues to evolve.

To change or not to change
either decision requires courage for us to make.

We pursue the possibility of prime lenses
because we want you to
experience the difficulty of photo shooting,
seek the best quality and composition,
and appreciate the exhilarating moments
Finding it -with GR.

There are reasons for every decision.

We now present our work of passion.
GR, with new values.



Wi-Fi equipped high-end application
designed exclusively for GR II

GR Remote

High-end application for which
GR engineers faithfully created
the settings screen in detail, bringing
GR II’s functionality to smartphones and tablets.


Auto demo

Auto demo

*Demo program is compatible with Safari(iOS/Mac),
Chrome(Android/PC) and Internet Explorer 11/10.

Instantly upload photos to SNS
Wi-Fi/NFC equipped sharing application

Image Sync

“Image Sync” enables easy transfer of photos from a camera
to devices, with which instant uploading to SNS is possible.
The GR II is compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication)
function for easy pairing with Android mobile devices.