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K-30Products Information

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the K-30 digital camera.

Basic Specifications and Functions

What is included in the K-30 kit?

The K-30 includes the following:
Body mount cover / Hot shoe cover FK / Eyecup FR / USB cable I-USB7 / Strap O-ST53 / Rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI109 / Battery charger D-BC109 and AC plug cord / Software CD-ROM S-SW128 / Operating manual /
Quick guide
Is anything else necessary that is not included in the kit?

SD Memory Card is not included in the kit, so please prepare the necessary capacity of the SD Memory Card.
To view the image / movie on TV, Video cable (I-VC28) and AV cable (I-AVC7) available as option
Is an exclusive camera case available?

The camera case O-CC90 is available as an optional accessory.
What is the material of externals?

Engineering plastic material
Is the K-30 designed to be weather/dust-proof?

Dials, buttons, body joints and retractable parts on the camera have been treated to be weather -resistant and
What is the size and resolution of the LCD monitor? And the backlight brightness can be adjustment?

The LCD monitor is a 3.0-inch with approximately 921,000 dots, TFT color monitor brightness adjustable
How long does it take for the camera to start up?

Start-up time for the K-30 is approximately 0.9 sec.
(start-up time is from turn on the power switch until going into condition that photo can be taken.)
What is the magnification and field of view of the viewfinder?

Magnification: approx 0.92x (50 mm/F1.4 lens at infinity); Field of View: approx. 100%.
What is the approximate distance of the viewfinder's Eye Relief? (Maximum distance between eye and viewfinder at which the whole field is still visible)

Approx. 21.7 mm.
Can I adjust the viewfinder diopter?

Yes. You can adjust the diopter approximately -2.5~+1.5m-1.
Is the focusing screen interchangeable?

Yes. There are 4 kinds of screens.
The AF Frame Matte (standard MF-60), The AF Divided Matte (ML-60), The AF Scale Matte (MI-60) and The Plain Matte (ME-60) screen are available as optional accessories.
ow many bits is the A/D conversion?

It is 12 bit conversion.
Where is the audio microphone?

The microphone is on the top of the camera, just in front of the hot shoe.
Can an external microphone be connected to the camera?

External microphones cannot be connected to the camera.
Can the cable switch CS-205 be used with the K-30?

Can a Ref-converter A or M be used with the camera?

Is there a battery grip available?

Can polarizing filters are used with the K-30?

Circular type polarizing filters (C-PL/Circular PL) can be used.
Normal, non-circular polarizing filters can affect the exposure and AF and cannot be used
What is the recording format of the images?

You can choose to record images in the versatile JPEG format or the high-quality and fully editable RAW format (DNG). You can also select JPEG+RAW and record in both formats.
Can I save the image rotation information with the image?

Yes. The image rotation information is saved with the image and during playback it will be displayed in portrait orientation.
Is the Super impose function available?

Yes, the Super impose function available with K30.
Can I change the AF Point?

What kind of SR system equipped on K30?

It is image sensor shift system that built in the K30 body
How effective is the Shake Reduction in terms of shutter speed steps?

The effect of Shake Reduction is equivalent from approx.3 shutter speed steps.
* The Shake Reduction effect may vary depending on the focal length of the lens, distance to the subject, shooting conditions and individual technique.
Will the Shake Reduction (SR) function work with non-PENTAX lenses?

The Shake Reduction mechanism will function but the effectiveness of the results can’t be guaranteed. PENTAX will assume no responsibility or liability for accidents, damages and malfunctions resulting from the use of lenses made by other manufacturers
Are there any lenses with which the Shake Reduction (SR) function cannot be used?

No, there isn't one. This function can be used with all PENTAX lenses that can be attached to the camera.
* The [Input Focal Length] setting menu does not appear when using a lens that supports automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length because [Focal Length] is set automatically. (DA, DA L, D FA, FA J, FA, or F is set automatically)
If type of lens that does not support automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length is used, the [Input Focal Length] menu appears. Set [Focal Length] manually on the [Input Focal Length] setting menu.
* When using lens without the A position on the aperture or with the aperture set to a position other than the A position, set [Using aperture ring] on the [Custom Setting ] menu to [2. Permitted].
What is the Digital Filter?

This mode lets you change the color tone and perform special processing on an image.
The Digital Filter can be applied when taking a picture. You can also apply digital filter effects to images after shooting them in Playback mode.
Does the K-30 support P.I.M Ⅲ. (PRINT Image Matching III™) and Exif Print (Exif 2.2)?

JPEG images shot with this camera support both. RAW images do not.
Does the K-30 support PictBridge?

Does the K-30 equipped IrSimple / IrSS function?

When the battery is removed, how long is the date set in the camera retained?

Once a new battery has been loaded and left in the camera more than 24 hours, data in the camera remains backed up for approximately 48 hours when the battery is removed.
Can K30 be used SDM lens?

Yes, when attach SDM lens on K30, the AF will work with SDM motor.
Can power zoom function of FA lens and FA zoom lens be used with K30?


Lenses that Can Be Used

What lenses can be used with the camera?

The following lenses can be used.
DA lenses / DA L lenses / FA J lenses / D FA, FA and F lenses with the aperture ring set to A (Auto) position.
See the following table for details.
All camera capture modes are available when DA, DA L, or FA J lens is used, or when a lens with an A position is used with the aperture ring set to the A position.
When they are used in a position other than A, or other lenses are used,
the following restrictions apply.

○: Functions are available when the aperture ring is set to the A position.
△: Some functions are restricted.
x: Functions are unavailable.

Lens [Mount type]
FA *6
F*6 A M
[K AF2]
[K AF3]
[K AF2]
[KAF] [KA] [K]
(lens only)
(with AF adapter 1.7×) *1

Manual focus
(with the focus indicator)*2
(with matte field)
Quick-Shift Focus *4 × × × ×
Focus point selection mode [Auto] *8 ×
AE Metering [Multi-segment] ×
P/Sv/Tv/Av/TAv mode *9
M mode
P-TTL auto flash *3 ×
Power Zoom ×
Automatically obtaining the lens focal length information × ×
Lens Correction *5 ×*7 × × ×
*1 Lenses with a maximum aperture of F2.8 or faster. Only available at the s position.
*2 Lenses with a maximum aperture of F5.6 or faster.
*3 Available when using the built-in flash, AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ, AF200FG or AF160FC.
*4 Only available with compatible lenses.
*5 Distortion Correction is disabled when a DA FISH-EYE 10-17mm lens is used.
*6 To use an FA lens, F SOFT 85mm F2.8 lens or FA SOFT 28mm F2.8 lens, set [23. Using Aperture Ring] to [Enable] in the [A Custom Setting 4] menu. Pictures can be taken with the aperture you set, but only within manual aperture range.
*7 Only available with an FA 31mm F1.8 Limited, FA 43mm F1.9 Limited, or FA 77mm F1.8 Limited lens.
*8 Fixed to [Spot].
*9 c Automatic Exposure with the aperture open. (The aperture ring has no effect on the actual aperture value.)
Can S (Screw mount) lenses, PENTAX 67 lenses or PENTAX 645 lenses be used with this camera?

These types of lenses can be attached using the respective K-mount adapter.
However, shutter release will not be available with default settings. To allow shutter release, change the following settings.
(1) Set [Using aperture ring] to [Permitted] in the Custom Setting menu.
(2) Set the focus mode lever to MF.
Av (Aperture Priority) mode and M (Manual) mode can be used but an exposure error may occur.
In the viewfinder and status screen, [F--] appears for the aperture indicator. The camera operates in Av (Aperture Priority) mode even if the mode dial is Auto picture, SCN, Program, SV ,TV and TAV mode.
How does the area captured change when using medium format lenses?

Focal length is a characteristic of the lens, whether it is used with 35 mm format or medium format (645 or 67) cameras. In 35 mm equivalent terms, the area captured will be the same as that of an image captured using a lens with a focal length approximately 1.5 times longer than the lens used.
What lens is compatible with Lens Correction?

DA, DA L, FA Limited and the D FA lens are compatible
What is the function of "Lens Correction"?

Reduces distortions and lateral chromatic aberrations occurring due to lens properties by digital processing.
*The corrected image is saved as JPEG image.
*The RAW data cannot be corrected. It is possible to newly saved corrected JPEG image in the editing RAW image
* It takes more time to save the image when [Lens correction] is set to ON. Initial setting is OFF.
*The [Lens correction] may not apply depending on using lens or setting.
Can non-PENTAX interchangeable lens be used?

Not recommended.
We assume no responsibility or liability for damage resulting from the use of lenses made by other manufactures

Camera Shooting Functions

What is the frame number of the consecutive shooting?

Pictures can be taken continuously while the shutter release button is fully pressed.

Shooting (Hi)
Up to approximately 6 frames per second can be taken continuously (for JPEG images).
Shooting (Lo)
Up to approximately 3 frames per second can be taken continuously (for JPEG images).
Can preview function be used?

Yes. Optical preview and Digital preview can be used.
Can a remote control be used with the K-30?

Yes. The optional Remote Control F and O-RC1 is available.
You can select the remote control shooting mode from [Remote control], [3 sec. delayed release] and [continuous shooting].
Can Multi-exposure shooting be used with the K-30?

Yes. You can select from 2 to 9 shots.
Can Interval shooting be used with the K-30?

Yes. You can select from 1 to 999 shots and set an interval between 3 second and 24 hours. *Interval shooting is not available when the mode dial is set to B (Bulb)
Can Bulb shooting be used with K30?

Yes, when the mode dial is set to B (Bulb)
Is the Slow Shutter Speed NR available? And Can I set it OFF?

Yes. It is available. Select ON or OFF in the Menu
Is the AF fine adjustment available?

Yes, it is available in the camera
Is the AF assist light available?

Yes, the AF assist light turns on in a dark location.
Is the face detecting function available in live-view mode?
How many person's face(S) can be detected?

Yes, it is available.
Up to 16 person's faces can be detected
What is the guide number of the built-in flash?

The guide number is approximately 12(ISO 100/m).
What is the maximum focal length covered by the built-in flash?

The flash covers the angle of view of an 18 mm lens (35 mm equivalent: 28 mm lens).
What is the system of the flash?

P-TTL flash system. K-30 does not support TTL auto flash
Can the flash output be compensated?

Yes, the output of the built-in flash or an exclusive external flash can be changed in the range of -2.0 to +1.0 in the [Flash Mode]
* If the maximum flash output is exceeded when corrected to the plus (+) side, the compensation will not be effective.
Are there any restrictions on the built-in flash depending on the lens used?

A: The following lenses cannot be used with the built-in flash due to vignetting.
PENTAX-DA Fish-eye 10-17 mm F3.5-4.5ED (IF)
PENTAX-DA 12-24 mm F4ED AL
PENTAX-DA 14 mm F2.8ED (IF)
PENTAX-FA * 300 mm F2.8ED (IF)
PENTAX-FA * 600mm F4ED (IF)
PENTAX-FA * 250-600 mm F5.6ED (IF)

*When using the built-in flash, vignetting may occur depending on the lens used and shooting conditions
Can the external flash be used?

Please refer to the following table

○: Available △: Some functions are restricted. ×: Functions are unavailable.

/Camera Function
Red-eye reduction flash
Auto flash discharge
Automatically switching to the flash sync speed
Aperture value is automatically set in P and Tv mode
P-TTL auto flash *1 *1 *1
Slow-speed Sync
Flash exposure compensation
AF assist light of external flash × ×
Trailing Curtain Sync *2 ×
Contrast control sync flash *3 *4
Slave flash × ×
High-speed sync × ×
Wireless flash *4 *5 ×

*1 Available only when using a DA, DA L, D FA, FA J, FA, F or A lens.
*2 Shutter speed of 1/90 sec. or slower.
*3 When combined with the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ, 1/3 of the flash discharge can be output by the built-in flash and 2/3 can be output by the external flash.
*4 Available only when combined with the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ.
*5 Multiple AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ units, or a combination of an AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ unit and the built-in flash is required.
Does the K-30 have a sync socket for professional flashes?

No, Combining with flashes from other manufacturers may cause equipment breakdown.
We recommend using the PENTAX dedicated automatic flashes.
Can the flash be used in wireless mode?

Yes. Wireless mode is available when using the AF540FGZ or AF360FGZ external flash


What is the specification of movie recording?

File Format MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Recorded Pixels Full HD (1920×1080, 16:9, 30 fps/25 fps/24 fps),
HD (1280×720, 16:9, 60 fps/50 fps/30 fps/25 fps/24 fps),
VGA (640×480, 4:3, 30 fps/25 fps/24 fps)
Quality ★★★ (Best), ★★ (Better), ★ (Good)
Sound Built-in monaural microphone; recording sound level can be adjusted.
Recording Time Up to 25 minutes; automatically stops recording if the internal temperature of the camera becomes high.
Custom Image Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing
Digital Filter Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Invert Color, Color
Interval Movie Recording interval: 3 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., 30 sec., 1 min., 5 min.,
10 min., 30 min., 1 hr.; Recording time: 12 sec. to 99 hr.; Start
Interval setting: immediately, from the set time
* The file format is Motion JPEG (AVI).
Can the AF system be operated during movie recording?

Yes, the AF system can be activated with a push of the AF button.
What is the interval Movie mode?

Take still picture at a set interval from a set time and saves it as a single movie file.
Is there any restriction of capacity or recording time for recording movie?

You can record movies continuously up to 4GB or 25 minutes. When SD memory card is full, recording stops and the movie is saved.
Is the K30 supporting UHS speed class?


Memory Cards

Which SD (SDHC) Memory Cards have been tested for compatibility?

Compatibility with the K-30 has been tested with memory cards from the following manufacturers.

Panasonic / Toshiba / SanDisk
SD Memory Card: 1GB, 2 GB
SDHC Memory Cards: 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32 GB
SDXC Memory Cards: 64GB

* As of May 2012
* When recording a movie, using a faster SD (SDHC) Memory Card, otherwise recording may stop while recording a movie depending on subject or condition of shooting.
* The information above is given for the convenience of customers and does not guarantee complete compatibility with the K-30
Can the miniSD card and the microSD card be used through the adaptor?

Not recommended.
Does the performance of the Memory Card used affect the shooting interval or other functions of the camera?

When using SD Memory Cards with slow transfer rates, the start-up time and the number of images for continuous shooting may be affected.
*When using a SD Memory Card with a slow recording speed, recording may stop while you are taking movies even when there is adequate space in the memory, or shooting and playback may take a long time.
Approximately how many images can be stored on SD (SDHC) Memory Card?

The actual number of images varies depending on shooting conditions and subjects but the following table gives the approximate number of images that can be recorded.

Recorded Pixels 16M
16M (4928x3264) 12M (4224x2816) 8M (3456x2304) 5M (2688x1792)
Quality DNG ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
1GB 37 105 186 368 142 251 495 212 373 728 347 604 1162
2GB 76 214 379 749 289 512 1007 429 758 1463 706 1229 2363
4GB 150 421 744 1471 569 1005 1978 843 1489 2873 1387 2413 4641
8GB 305 858 1516 2995 1158 2046 4026 1717 3032 5848 2823 4912 9446
16GB 614 1727 3050 6026 2331 4118 8101 3455 6101 11766 5680 9883 19007
32GB 1233 3466 6119 12089 4676 8261 16251 6932 12238 23603 11394 19826 38128

Recorded Pixels FullHD (1920x1080)
30fps 25fps 24fps
Quality ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
1GB 00:04′05″ 00:05′13″ 00:05′55″ 00:04′54″ 00:06′14″ 00:07′05″ 00:05′06″ 00:06′30″ 00:07′22″
2GB 00:08′19″ 00:10′38″ 00:12′03″ 00:09′58″ 00:12′42″ 00:14′24″ 00:10′22″ 00:13′13″ 00:14′59″
4GB 00:16′21″ 00:20′52″ 00:23′40″ 00:19′34″ 00:24′57″ 00:28′17″ 00:20′21″ 00:25′57″ 00:29′25″
8GB 00:33′16″ 00:42′29″ 00:48′11″ 00:39′48″ 00:50′46″ 00:57′34″ 00:41′26″ 00:52′50″ 00:59′53″
16GB 01:06′58″ 01:25′28″ 01:36′56″ 01:20′06″ 01:42′09″ 01:55′49″ 01:23′22″ 01:46′17″ 02:00′29″
32GB 02:14′20″ 02:51′26″ 03:14′28″ 02:40′41″ 03:24′55″ 03:52′19″ 02:47′15″ 03:33′13″ 04:01′41″
Recorded Pixels HD (1280x720)
60fps 50fps 30fps
Quality ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
1GB 00:04′05″ 00:05′13″ 00:05′56″ 00:04′54″ 00:06′15″ 00:07′05″ 00:07′05″ 00:09′01″ 00:10′12″
2GB 00:08′19″ 00:10′38″ 00:12′03″ 00:09′58″ 00:12′42″ 00:14′24″ 00:14′24″ 00:18′20″ 00:20′45″
4GB 00:16′21″ 00:20′52″ 00:23′40″ 00:19′34″ 00:24′57″ 00:28′17″ 00:28′18″ 00:36′00″ 00:40′45″
8GB 00:33′17″ 00:42′29″ 00:48′11″ 00:39′48″ 00:50′46″ 00:57′34″ 00:57′35″ 01:13′16″ 01:22′57″
16GB 01:06′58″ 01:25′28″ 01:36′57″ 01:20′06″ 01:42′09″ 01:55′49″ 01:55′53″ 02:27′26″ 02:46′55″
32GB 02:14′20″ 02:51′26″ 03:14′28″ 02:40′41″ 03:24′55″ 03:52′19″ 03:52′28″ 04:55′45″ 05:34′49″
Recorded Pixels HD (1280x720)
25fps 24fps
Quality ★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★
1GB 00:08′27″ 00:10′45″ 00:12′09″ 00:08′48″ 00:11′10″ 00:12′38″
2GB 00:17′12″ 00:21′51″ 00:24′43″ 00:17′54″ 00:22′43″ 00:25′42″
4GB 00:33′47″ 00:42′54″ 00:48′32″ 00:35′08″ 00:44′37″ 00:50′28″
8GB 01:08′45″ 01:27′20″ 01:38′47″ 01:11′31″ 01:30′48″ 01:42′41″
16GB 02:18′19″ 02:55′43″ 03:18′45″ 02:23′54″ 03:02′43″ 03:26′37″
32GB 04:37′28″ 05:52′28″ 06:38′40″ 04:48′39″ 06:06′31″ 06:54′28″
Are there any precautions that should be observed when using SD (SDHC) Memory Cards?

Please observe the following precautions.

・Card that are unused or that have been used on other devices, such as another camera or a computer, must first be formatted on the PENTAX K-30.
・Do not remove an SD (SDHC) Memory Card or turn the camera off while you are recording data or playing back images or audio, or while the camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable.
・Do not bend an SD (SDHC) Memory Card or subject it to violent impacts. And do not leave cards in locations where they will be exposed to water, moisture, high temperatures, condensation, dust or strong magnetism is generated.
・Avoid using or storing the card where it may be exposed to static electricity or electrical interference.
・If a card is left unused for a long period, it may no longer be possible to read the data stored on the card. Important data should be backed up regularly.

Battery and Power Sources

What type of batteries can be used with the K-30?

The K-30 can be powered by the lithium-ion battery (D-LI109).
When use optional AA battery holder (D-BH109), AA Lithium, AA Ni-MH and AA Alkaline can be used.
How many photos can I take? Or How long can I playback image?

Refer to below table

・Approximate Image Storage Capacity and Playback Time
When using the fully charged battery

Battery Temperature Normal
Flash Photography Playback Time
50% Use 100% Use
D-LI109 23°C 480 410 360 270 minutes
0°C 360 300 250 210 minutes
The image storage capacity (normal recording and flash use 50%) is based on
measuring conditions in accordance with CIPA standards, while other data is based
on our measuring conditions. Some deviation from the above figures may occur in
actual use depending on the selected capture mode and shooting conditions.
Is there an optional AC adapter available?

Yes, the optional AC Adapter K-AC128.
We do not recommend the use of 3rd party AC adapters.
Can I use the AC adaptor overseas?

The AC adaptor K-AC128(optional) can be used within the range of AC100V to AC240V (50/60Hz). When using the AC adaptor overseas, you many need a plug adapter to convert the plug to fit the shape of the power outlet. Please do not use commercially available transformer, it may cause a malfunction of the AC adaptor.

Playback and Editing

Can I view images on a TV?

Yes. Connect the USB/Video terminal on the camera's side to the TV's video input terminal using the optional Video cable . Make sure to turn off the camera and the TV while connecting the cable.
Can the image be resized and cropped by the K30?

What is the “Bright/Dark Area” warning?

When this function is activated, areas in the image that are too bright or too dark and have lost gradation detail will blink on the monitor during playback and instant review.
Can the movie edit by the camera?

Yes, the movies can be divided and unwanted segments can be deleted.

Computer Connections and Software

What are the system requirements of the K-30?

The following is the system requirements of K30.

OS Windows XP (SP3 or later, 32-bit Home/Pro), Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Installation requires administrator rights
*Can be run as a 32-bit application on any 64-bit edition of Windows.
CPU Intel Pentium-compatible processor (Pentium 4, Athlon XP or higher recommended)
Supports multi-core processors (Intel Core i5, i7; Core 2 Quad, Duo; AMD Phenom II X4, X6; Athlon II X2, X4; and other)
RAM 1 GB minimum (2 GB or more recommended)
HDD For installing and starting up the program: 100 MB minimum of free space
For saving image files: Approx. 10 MB/file
Monitor 1024×768 dots, 24-bit full color or higher
Others Input devices such as a keyboard and mouse

OS Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7
CPU Intel processor-compatible, Power PC
RAM 1 GB minimum (2 GB or more recommended)
HDD For installing and starting up the program: 100 MB minimum of free space
For saving image files: Approx. 10 MB/file
Monitor 1024×768 dots, 24-bit full color or higher
Others Input devices such as a keyboard and mouse
What is the bundled software?

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 for PENTAX (Ver.
Can the movie play on Computer?

Yes, to play movie, Quick Time is required.
With windows 7, the movie can play without Quick Time.
I made a mistake in the Initial Settings. How do I reset the settings?

The Initial Setting screen is only displayed once.
If any of the settings are incorrect, they must be reset individually.


The images can’t save, why?

Please check the following points.

The message “Memory card full” appears.
The SD (SDHC) Memory Card is full and no more images can be saved.
Replace it with a new SD (SDHC) Memory Card or delete unwanted images.
You may be able to save new images by changing the file format (RAW/JPEG)

The message “Card locked” appears.
The write-protect switch on the SD (SDHC) Memory Card is set to the “Lock” position. You can still operate the menus, switch modes and play back the images.

The message “Card not formatted” appears.
The SD (SDHC) Memory Card you have inserted is unformatted or has been formatted on a computer or other device and is not compatible with this camera. Use the SD (SDHC) Memory Card after formatting it with the camera.

The message “Memory card error” appears.
The camera cannot correctly recognize the SD (SDHC) Memory Card. Image capture/playback is impossible. You may be able to view the content of the Memory Card on a computer

How should I attach the K-mount Adapter for 645 lenses?
You may not be able to attach K-mount Adapters for 645 lenses due to the direct contact with the locking screw. To attach the K-mount Adapter to the K-30 you will need to align in advance the position of the mount unit.
* After loosening the locking screw of the K-mount Adapter you can rotate the mount unit; click-stops are located at 90-degree intervals.

 Attaching the adapter:
  1. Position the K-mount Adapter so the red dot mount index on the 35 mm side of the adapter is opposite the locking screw.
  Attach the K-mount lens cap to the K-mount Adapter.
  Loosen the locking screw, rotate the K-mount lens cap so the red dot mount index is on the opposite side and tighten the lock screw.
  * Avoid holding the mount unit directly with your fingers.
  2. Remove the K-mount lens cap from the K-mount Adapter and attach the adapter to the K-30.
  3. After attaching the K-mount Adapter, the locking screw should be at the bottom. Loosen the locking screw, rotate the K-mount Adapter 90 degrees counter-clockwise and tighten the locking screw.
  4. Mount the 645 lens to the K-mount Adapter.

 Removing the adapter:
  1. To remove the K-mount Adapter loosen the locking screw and rotate the adapter so the locking screw is found at the bottom. Tighten the locking screw and then remove the K-mount Adapter.
  * Set the lens to maximum aperture before focusing. When shooting a picture, set the desired aperture value. (Minimum aperture light metering)
  * When the aperture ring of 645 lenses is set to the A position, the minimum aperture will be used.
  * The lens shutter of 645 LS 75 mm, f/2.8 lenses and 645 LS 135 mm, f/4 lenses cannot be used.
The [Input Focal Length] function cannot be selected.

The [Input Focal Length] setting menu does not appear when using lenses that support the automatic acquisition of lens information such as focal length (for example DA, D FA, FA, F lenses) because [Focal Length] is set automatically.
None of the [Input Focal Length] setting options matches the focal length of the lens.

Use the closest setting to the actual focal length of the lens used.
(For example, select [18] for a 17 mm lens or [100] for a 105 mm lens.)
When built-in flash is used, exposure becomes overexposed.

The built-in flash cannot be regulated and fully discharges when A lenses not set to the A (Auto) position, pre A lenses or soft focus lenses are used with the [Using Aperture Ring] is set to [Permitted].
Is it possible to turn off the Guide Display on the LCD monitor?

Yes. To not show indication, set [Guide Display] to [Off] in the [Set-up] menu.
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