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GR DIGITAL IV : What setting options are available for Eye-Fi card usage ?

[Eye-Fi Connection Settings], [Eye-Fi Connetion Display] is located in the Setup menu as follows.

Eye-Fi connection settings

  • * Options for [Eye-Fi Connection Settings], [Eye-Fi Connection Display] are available only when a SD card from Eye-Fi is in the camera.
  • * Eye-Fi Connection Settings On/Off switches the wireless LAN feature On and Off. The [On] option turns the wireless feature On.

    Eye-Fi Connection Settings - On

  • * When [Eye-Fi Connection Settings] option is [Off], the wireless LAN feature becomes unavailable and the card will work as a normal SD card without wireless LAN feature.

In order to use the wireless-LAN feature of the SD cards, some setting for the card will be required. Follow the instructions of the SD card manual for the details.

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Date created: November 14, 2011
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Category: Hardware specifications, Hardware operations

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