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GR DIGITAL IV : Setting image quality and color (Image Settings).

The camera allows you to control picture quality by changing vividness (color depth), contrast, sharpness, and color.
With the GR DIGITAL IV, [Positive Film], [Bleach Bypass] options are included in the Image Settings.

(A symbol is displayed on the screen if anything other than [Standard] has been selected.)

Option Screen display Description
Vivid Vivid Take strong and vivid photos with heightened contrast and sharpness and maximum vividness.
Standard Normal Shooting mode screen (no symbol displayed) Normal contrast, sharpness, and vividness. (default)
Setting 1 / Setting 2 Setting 12 You can set the original image quality by adjusting [Vividness], [Contrast], [Sharpness] and [Colors]. [Vividness], [Contrast] and [Sharpness] can each be adjusted in 9 levels. In [Colors], there are options for [Hue] and [Vividness], and each of them can be adjusted with [Orange], [Greens], [Blues], [Reds] and [Magenta]. These color settings also have 9 levels.
Black & White Black & White Take photos in black and white. Contrast and sharpness can be adjusted manually in 9 levels.
B & W (TE) *1 B & W (TE) Create monochrome photos with a sepia, red, green, blue or purple tint for the toning effect. In addition, vividness, contrast, and sharpness can be adjusted manually in 9 levels.
Hi-Contrast B&W Hi B&W This mode will be for taking a higher contrast B&W picture than those in normal B&W mode. It will produce grainy images similar to those taken with highly sensitive film or high grain film developing. [Contrast], [Sharpnes], and [Vignetting] can be adjusted manually.
Hi contrast B&W
Cross Process Cross Process This mode takes a picture with colors that differ markedly from those of the actual subject. [Hue], [Contrast], and [Vignetting] can be adjusted manually.
Cross process
Simuated image for Cross Process (left), and for Normal (right)
Positive Film Positive Film This mode takes a picture in high vividness creating image lie positive film. [Vividness], [Contrast], [Sharpness], and [Vignetting] can be adjusted manually.
Bleach Bypass Bleach Bypass This mode takes a picture by reducing vividness and increasing contrast. [Hue], [Contrast], [Sharpness], and [Vignetting] can be adjusted manually.
  • *1 [TE] : "Toning Effect".

How to operate

[Image Setting] is located in the Shooting menu below.

Image setting

Each option other than [Vivid] or [Standard] has sub menu for adjustment of further settings. Below is the example for [Bleach Bypass].

example of bleach bypass

[Limitations for Image Settings]

  • Image Setting is not applied to a RAW image. If [RAW only] is selected for [RAW/JPEG Setting], image setting has no effect.
  • If a RAW-quality option is selected for [Picture Quality/Size] in the Shooting menu, [Hi-Contrast B&W], [Cross Process], [Positive Film], and [Bleach Bypass] has no effect.
  • [Hi-Contrast B&W] has no effect in continous shooting mode.
  • If [Hi-Contrast B&W], [Cross Process], [Positive Film], or [Bleach Bypass] is selected, [Subj.Tracking] in the focus mode has no effect.
  • If [Black & White], [B&W (TE)], or [Hi-Contrast B&W] is selected, [WB-BKT] has no effect.
  • [Noise Reduction] in the Shooting settings has no effect when [Hi-Contrast B&W] is selected.
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Date created: November 14, 2011
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