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Sales Contacts

This page provides information about Sales contacts for RICOH Digital Camera products.

Please select your region to find contact information.

Where to Buy

United States, Canada:
(For Consumer products)
Authorized dealers in North America
United States: (For G700SE) Ricoh Dynamic Capture (Ricoh Americas Corporation website)
Europe, Russia,
Middle East, Africa:
Ricoh Store Locator (Ricoh PMMC Europe website)
Australia, New Zealand
South Africa, and U.A.E.:
In English:
Asia Pacific contacts (Ricoh Hong Kong website)

In Traditional Chinese:
Asia Pacific contacts (Ricoh Hong Kong website)
Other countries
Our digital camera products may not unavailable in other countries.

If you need further assistance, please contact your regional support.

Contact Digital Camera Support

Last updated: December, 2010

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