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Beauty: Image quality at the level of art

The beauty the eye sees, the beauty the mind imagines.

Eye-opening superb image quality.
Smooth Imaging Engine IV + CMOS sensor NEW!

The CX1 features the highly evolved image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV together with a CMOS sensor that enables high-speed image processing. For maximum enhancement of image beauty, the CX1 has the imaging power to brilliantly isolate one instant in time, and for high-sensitivity shooting it achieves noise reduction without compromising sharp resolution or color reproduction.

f=28mm, 1/1520sec, F5, ISO100, EV-1.0, WB:Multi-pattern AUTO
f=28mm, 1/1520sec, F5, ISO100, EV-1.0, WB:Multi-pattern AUTO

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Suppress whiteout to recreate the beauty the eye sees.
Pixel output interpolation algorithm   NEW!

Resident on a customized circuit of the image processing engine, the pixel output interpolation algorithm minimizes whiteout in high-contrast situations, thereby enabling you to faithfully capture the excitement seen by your eyes. In places where gradations have been lost because of whiteout, interpolation techniques are used to calculate pixel values from the surrounding pixels. As a result, the CX1 expands dynamic range by up to +1 EV compared to conventional methods.

f=28mm, 1/1000sec, F5.0, ISO100, ±0, WB:AUTO
f=28mm, 1/1000sec, F5.0, ISO100, ±0, WB:AUTO

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An amazing transformation for people photography. Multi-pattern auto
white balance    NEW!

For scenes with both sunlight and shadow and scenes mixing flash and natural light (or fluorescent light, etc.) during flash photography, this function can define white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area of the image. This new capability is very powerful for people photography in scenes which could not be adequately handled by past auto white balance functions, which used an average setting for the entire image.

Powerful lens in a compact body.
28-200 mm 7.1x optical zoom

Ricoh's original (Double Retracting Lens System*) has made it possible to fit a 7.1x optical wide-angle zoom lens in a compact body that is both easy to carry and easy to operate. The lens can handle a wide range of shooting situations, including powerful telephoto shots as well as wide-angle shooting of both expansive landscapes and interior scenes with limited distance between camera and subject.

  • *Original Ricoh technology in which the lens can fit in a small space because part of it swings in a pendulum-like movement.

Ability to handle a wide range of shooting situations. 28 mm wide-angle to 200 mm telephoto

Shooting at 28 mm wide-angle enables you to emphasize image breadth and depth. Telephoto shooting at 200 mm will bring far-away subjects up close and prominent while blurring the background. The 28-200 mm 7.1x optical zoom handles a wide variety of shooting situations. The intuitive operability of the CX1 is further enhanced by the ability to vary zoom speed with the zoom lever.

Zoom position easily selected.
Step zoom and auto resize zoom

The step zoom function enables you to fix the optical zoom focal length at seven steps (28 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm, 135 mm, and 200 mm equivalent). For a zoom range beyond the 7.1x optical zoom (200 mm), the auto resize zoom takes you to a maximum of 38.6x (1,080 mm equivalent)* in five steps (recorded image resized to 7M, 5M, 3M, 1M, VGA). From the wide zoom range available, you can easily select the zoom position best for the shot you want to take.

  • * Image size VGA (recorded pixels: 640x480)

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