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We have renewed the condition of “Your best photo” a project that showcases the best photo collected worldwide.


Submission ― Specific Theme

The Feature Theme


Photos of the winter landscape or heartwarming scenes showing winter activities are welcome.

Closing date for submissions: 2019.1.15 (Tue), Japan time


Submission ― Any Theme (General Submission)

Submit your works here anytime, with no restrictions on the theme.

No closing date.


Photos shot using any of the following cameras or lenses or a combination of both items are required to enter this project.
Please be noted that the target product list may change without notice.

Camera Click product listed below to see works taken by users


Submission rules

People who have agreed to the following conditions.

Show submission rules

  • Submitted work is restricted to be shot or produced by the contributor who makes the submission. The contributor must have full copyright of the submitted work.
  • Submitted work is restricted to be unpublished photos, and must not be identical to or resemble work belonging to a third party, and there must be no intention to submit or publish it to another contest.
    (It is fine to submit photos that are only shown on your personal homepage and blog, or appear in your personal web album.)
  • People under 20 years old must obtain the consent of their parent or guardian to submit.
  • When submitting work contains such as copyrighted material for which a third party other than the contributor owns the rights, the contributor should conduct the appropriate rights processing before submitting the photo.
  • The contributor shall guarantee that the submitted work does not infringe upon the rights of a third party in such terms as portrait rights, copyright and design rights.
  • When Ricoh Imaging has determined that the submitted work will possibility infringe upon the rights of a third party in such terms as portrait rights, copyright and design rights, or has determined that the submitted work contains inappropriate content that is contrary to public order and morality or has determined that there is some other inappropriate factor, please understand that the submitted work may not be eligible for selection. Furthermore, submitted work that has already been released may be removed later on for the above reasons.
  • In the unlikely event that a third party prohibits the use of the submitted work or we receive a claim for damages, a complaint or any allegations concerning the submitted work, the contributor shall be fully responsible for resolving the issue.
  • The contributor shall not claim rights based on the moral rights of the creator.
  • Selected work may be reused at various events and in advertisements and such for the purpose of promotion activities, in addition to use on the Ricoh Imaging website, the official SNS and in the stores promoting our products. When the work is submitted, it is given that you have agreed to its reuse. Submitted work may also be used at our subsidiary companies and sales agents located overseas, in addition to those located within Japan. Furthermore, Ricoh Imaging shall be allowed to use the submitted work free of charge. Please note that you will not be contacted when your submitted work is reused.
  • Images that can be uploaded are JPEG with 2,000 pixels on the longest side with sRGB color space. Please convert the image before uploading.
  • When selecting the work, we may ask the contributor to provide us with high resolution JPEG data or RAW data prior to the resize that allows the Exif data to be verified. Furthermore, please be aware that if it is not possible to verify that the photo was taken using the target product, the photo will be removed.
  • Editing such as color tone correction is allowed. However, please be sure to answer “Yes” for the “Has the image been retouched?” field if the photo was edited.
  • You can submit multiple photos but you are restricted to one piece of photography work per single submission.

Please ensure the image is a JPEG with 2,000 pixels on the longest side with sRGB color space.
Please access from an environment that allows Exif data to be verified because detailed Exif data must be entered.

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