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Experience a new world of images with the RICOH THETA.


Simple operation

You can capture your complete surroundings with the simple press of the shutter button.
RICOH THETA will automatically adjust the image orientation so that you don窶冲 have to worry about how you're holding the camera.
You can simply take pictures at the precise moment you choose.

Small, lightweight body

The RICOH THETA is designed for portability with a small, lightweight body that weighs a mere 95g (3.3 ounces).
You can enjoy capturing spherical images wherever you go!

Location information

You can register location information in spherical images by connecting your RICOH THETA wirelessly to your smartphone* and using the phone's GPS information.
Use location information to expand the ways you use and enjoy spherical images.

RICOH THETA for iPhone
RICOH THETA for Android

This smartphone app is a dedicated app for enjoying (taking, viewing and sharing) spherical images captured with RICOH THETA.

Capturing Images

You can now use remote shooting and manual shooting by using the app.
Remote shooting enables you to shoot at a distance from the camera, without needing to hold the camera in your hand. The shooting mode can be selected from AUTO, Shutter Speed Priority and ISO Priority.
Furthermore, white balance can also be selected when Shutter Speed Priority or ISO Priority is used, enabling you to match settings with the shooting scene.

Viewing images

You can use the app to view spherical images.
The app allows you to swipe and pinch spherical images so you can find and enjoy your favorite perspective!


Spherical images can be easily shared with friends by posting to social networking services directly from the app.
Even if you have not downloaded the smartphone app, you can use the URL of the posted image to enjoy the spherical image on a smartphone or computer.


・RICOH THETA for iPhone
Compatible with iOS7 or later on iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone5C/iPhone5S or 5th generation or later iPod Touch.
*The software can be downloaded on other devices that are running iOS7 or later. However, support cannot be provided in this case and users must use it at their own risk.

・RICOH THETA for Android
Compatible with Android OS4.0 or later.
*Operation is not guaranteed on all devices.

*Operation is confirmed on these devices as of May 2014, but this information may be changed at any time in the future without prior notice.

RICOH THETA for Windows(R) / Mac

RICOH THETA for Windows(R)/Mac is an application dedicated to saving and viewing spherical images transferred from the RICOH THETA in high resolution on a computer. Data from a RICOH THETA can be transferred to a computer. To use this application, Adobe Air needs to be installed.

Viewing & Sharing

You can save and view high resolution spherical images saved on the RICOH THETA by connecting the RICOH THETA to the computer using the provided USB cable.
You can also use this application to share spherical images with friends by posting to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Firmware version updates

You can use RICOH THETA for Windows(R)/Mac to update the firmware of your RICOH THETA.
We recommend updating your RICOH THETA regularly to obtain newly added functions.
Click here for details on how to update the version.

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