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Digital Compact Camera: Optio W30

Optio W30
All-Purpose Waterproof, Dustproof Construction for up to Two Hours of Underwater Shooting
All-Purpose Waterproof, Dustproof Construction for up to Two Hours of Underwater Shooting

Thanks to its dependable waterproof construction,* the Optio W30 lets you record beautiful underwater still images and movie clips, up to a maximum of two hours and to a depth of three meters, without requiring a waterproof housing. Coupled with its reliable dustproof design,* you can take it almost anywhere — from beaches, rivers and oceans to snow fields, gardens and kitchens — without worrying about dirt, dust, sand, water or moisture. Its go-anywhere design makes it a perfect partner for active photographers.

* Equivalent to JIS Class 8 waterproof and JIS Class 5 dustproof capabilities.

All-Purpose Waterproof, Dustproof Construction for up to Two Hours of Underwater Shooting
Digital SR Mode with Automatic Sensitivity Shift to ISO 3200 to Minimize Camera Shake and Avoid Blurred Images

The Optio W30’s Digital SR (Shake Reduction) mode automatically increases the sensitivity up to ISO 3200, allowing you to use higher shutter speeds in dark locations and in nighttime shooting to minimize camera shake and avoid blurred images. This mode is especially useful when you want to retain the prevailing atmosphere of sunset scenes and indoor portraits by intentionally turning the flash off.

Digital Movie SR Mode for Blur-Free Movies

For high-quality movie recording, the Optio W30 incorporates a Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode** to automatically detect camera shake and digitally correct its adverse effects. It also offers an interval movie recording mode to record a series of movie clips at a fixed interval.

** When this mode is selected, the field of view is narrower than normal.

Extra-Bright LCD Monitor for Comfortable Image Viewing under the Water and in Bright Sunshine

The Optio W30’s large, high-precision LCD monitor features a glare-free AR-coated panel and an LCD booster function, which brightens the screen, to faciliate image viewing under the water, on the snow field or under harsh sunshine.

Macro Mode to Capture Eye-Catching Close-Up Images from 1cm Away
Macro Mode
to Capture Eye-Catching Close-Up Images from 1cm Away

The Optio W30’s macro mode lets you approach the subject to as close as one centimeter, making it possible to capture eye-catching, fine-detailed images of tiny subjects such as flower petals and insects.

Face-Recognition AF & AE
for Sharply Focused, Beautifully Exposed Subjects

The Optio W30 features the PENTAX-developed Face-Recognition AF & AE function, which automatically detects the position and lighting condition of the subject’s face to assure sharp focus and proper exposure. This advanced function is activated when you select one of the three shooting modes programmed specifically for portraiture: Portrait, Self-portrait and Natural skin tone.

Auto-Tracking AF
for Constant Focus on an Active Subject

The Optio W30’s auto-tracking AF function maintains constant focus on a moving subject, such as a child at play or unpredictable pet, letting you capture split-second shutter chances with great ease and accuracy.

Auto-Tracking AF for Constant Focus on an Active Subject
On-Screen Mode Palettes
for Speedy Selection of Shooting and Playback Modes
On-Screen Mode Palettes for Speedy Selection of Shooting and Playback Modes
Shooting Mode Palette

The Optio W30’s shooting mode palette offers an array of user-friendly, scene-specific shooting modes. Just select the icon corresponding to the desired shooting mode on this palette, and the Optio W30 takes care of the rest by optimizing all settings for that particular subject or scene.

Playback Mode Palette

Since the Optio W30’s playback mode palette offers a set of icons corresponding to image-editing and photo-retouching functions available after shooting, including trimming and resizing tools and digital filters, you can easily and swiftly select the desired function.

VGA-Format Movie Recording
for Video-Camera-Quality Movie Clips

The Optio W30 employs the advanced VGA recording format to produce high-quality, blur-free movie clips at 30 frames per second and sizes up to 640 x 480 pixels.

Digital Filters
for Artistic Visual Expressions

Equipped with a variety of digital filters, including black & white, sepia, color, soft and fish-eye, the Optio W30 lets you add artistic touches and eye-catching effects to your images both during and after shooting.

A Choice of Photo Frames
to Match the Occasion

The Optio W30 lets you create an eye-catching framed image with great ease, either by displaying your choice of frame on the LCD screen during shooting or by adding the most fitting frame to a recorded image. You can also replace these frames by downloading new ones from the PENTAX Web site.

↑ Click this banner to download new photo frames.

World-Time and Calendar Functions
for On-the-Road Convenience
World-Time Clock to Display Standard Time in 28 Time Zones
World-Time Clock to Display Standard Time in 28 Time Zones

The Optio W30’s built-in clock is a handy tool on your overseas trips, as it provides real-time display of standard time in 75 cities in 28 time zones around the world. It also lets you check the time difference between your hometown and travel destination on the menu screen. It even offers an alarm function to keep you on schedule.

Calendar Function for Day-by-Day Display of Captured Images
Calendar Function for Day-by-Day Display of Captured Images

Since the Optio W30’s calendar function automatically files captured images into day-by-day folders, you can instantly recall the images recorded on a particular day by selecting that day on the calendar screen. This feature allows you to keep accurate track of a trip or past events.

For Printing
PictBridge Compatibility for Direct Printing Convenience

PictBridgeWhen connected to a PictBridge-compatible printer via the included USB cable, the Optio W30 offers convenient direct printing, eliminating the need to transfer image data to your PC. This direct-printing convenience is available with any PictBridge-compatible printer, regardless of make or model.

optio W20Compatibility with Exif Print, PRINT Image Matching and DPOF

The Optio W30 is compatible with Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching III to produce beautiful printouts faithful to the camera data. It is also compatible with DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) to control the number of prints and date imprint information.

For TV Monitor Viewing and Image Copying
AV Output Terminal for Easy TV Monitor Viewing

AV Output Terminal for Easy TV Monitor ViewingWhen connected to a TV monitor via the included AV cable, the Optio W30 lets you playback recorded images and movies with sound on a larger screen, for fun viewing with family and friends.

Copying Memorable Images and Movies to DVD and Videotape

When you want to make copies of recorded images or movies for friends or relatives, simply connect the Optio W30 to a DVD recorder or video deck via the included AV cable. Once you store the images on a DVD or videotape, they can be played back on a larger TV or projector screen, whenever friends or relatives want to recall special memories.

For Image Editing
Image Transfer to PC via USB Cable

Image Transfer to PC via USB CableUsing the included USB cable, you can easily transfer images captured by the Optio W30 to your PC, for use on a website or in a photo album. Its USB2.0 HIGH SPEED compatibility makes the transfer of large-volume image data much faster and easier.

ACDSee for PENTAX (Windows and Mac versions) for Image Viewing and Filing

ACDSeeThe Optio W30 comes with the ACDSee for PENTAX software (available on the accompanying CD-ROM) for the viewing and filing of recorded images on a PC. The Windows version offers a host of image editing functions, including brightness and color controls and special effects, for the production of refined, original images.

ACD Showtime! for PENTAX (Windows version) for Movie Editing

ACD Showtime!By installing the ACD Showtime! for PENTAX movie editing software (available on the accompanying CD-ROM) on your PC, you can edit recorded movies at will, including deleting unwanted segments and incorporating several movie clips into a single movie.

Convenient All-in-One Package

• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery • Battery charger • AC plug cord • AV cable • USB cable • Strap

Software (CD-ROM)

• ACDSee for PENTAX image viewing, editing and filing software for Windows
• ACD Showtime! for PENTAX movie editing software for Windows
• ACDSee for PENTAX image viewing and filing software for Macintosh
• QuickTime 7 for Windows

USB connection requirements:

• PCs running Windows Me, 2000, XP or Vista.
• Macintosh computers running OS 9.2 or X (Ver. 10.1.2 or later).


• The operating system must be pre-installed and updated to the latest version.
• The computer must be equipped with USB terminals
• QuickTime 6 is required for playback of movie clips on PCs running Windows Me/NT. The accompanying QuickTime 7 cannot be installed on PCs running these operating systems

About the water proof and dustproof function for Optio W30 digital camera. This camera has been proven to comply with JIS Class 8 waterproof performance and Class 5 dustproof performance (IP58) and it can use underwater for a maximum of 120 minutes and to a depth of 3.0 meters to capture
When use the camera in the water, please pay attention the following points.
[Before use the camera in the water]
  • To enhance the waterproof performance of the camera, the front of the lens is protected by glass. As any dirt or water on the glass will affect the quality of pictures taken, the glass should be kept clean at all times.
  • The camera will sink if dropped in water, so be sure to attach the strap and slip the strap over your wrist when using the camera in or near water.
  • Be sure to check that the battery/card cover is securely locked before using the camera in an environment where it is likely to get wet or dirty, such as underwater or at the beach. Water, sand or dirt inside the camera may cause failure of the camera.
  • Wipe off any dirt or sand on the waterproof packing or the packing contact surface. The camera’s waterproof function may be compromised by loose packing, or cracks or dents in the packing or packing contact surface.
[Using the camera in the water]
  • You can take it underwater for a maximum of 120 minutes and to a depth of 3.0 meters. After use the camera in the water, wait for 5 ~ 10 minutes to keep water-repellent of the microphone and speaker.
  • Do not open the battery cover in the water
[After using the camera in the water]
  • Wipe off any water or dirt with a dry cloth after using the camera in the water
  • Avoid opening the battery/card cover at the beach or by the sea. Wait until the camera is completely dry before changing the battery or the SD Memory Card. Avoid changing the battery or card where the camera is likely to get wet or dirty, and make sure that your hands are dry
[How to maintain the camera]
  • The temperature range in which the camera can be used is 0°C to 40°C therefore do not keep the camera in the place of over 40°C or under 0°C
  • Avoid cleaning with agents such as soap water, mild detergents, and alcohol as this may compromise the waterproof performance of the camera.
  • If the camera is very dirty or after it has been used in the sea, make sure that it is turned off and the battery/card cover is firmly closed before rinsing it under running tap water or leaving it in a bowl of clean water for a short time (2 or 3 minutes)
  • Avoid getting sunscreen or sun oil on the camera as it may cause discoloration of the surface. If any oil gets on the camera, wash it off immediately with warm water.
  • To maintain the waterproof performance of the camera, you are recommended to change the waterproof packing once a year. Contact your nearest PENTAX Service Center regarding changing the packing. (A charge will be made.)
  • Avoid subjecting the camera to substantial vibrations, shocks, or pressure as this may cause a loss in waterproof performance. If the camera is subjected to substantial vibrations, shocks or pressure, take your camera to your nearest PENTAX Service Center and have it checked.
  • The waterproof function does not apply to the camera’s accessories.
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